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  1. I don't believe it's been much mentioned, and it's not in the OP at least - but I would really like to see other cars on-stage. I know DiRT 3 had something along the same lines, but that was some time ago and wasn't the best of systems for it IMO. All we have in DR2.0 presently is seeing the car setting off before us and the one waiting behind us at the start of rallies, which promptly disappear and are never shown at the start of any subsequent stages, and broken-down cars in a random safe spot on a stage, which are relatively uncommon. I would like to see at least one or two other drivers on the stage personally. I think they should be more spread-out, unlike DiRT 3, so that it's not constantly an issue to have them get in the way, but if you're doing exceedingly well or excessively poorly on a stage catching up to another driver or being caught up to should be pretty natural IMO. To prevent any possible issue with time trials or online tournaments this could easily be toggleable in the same way Unexpected Events are presently in DR2.0, so they don't disrupt proper competition, time trialling, or testing. Also seeing cars broken down at places that aren't obviously and easily avoidable would be nice, either as a part of such an option or as a separate sub-option. The marshals waving their arms over their heads are a great little detail we have for broken cars at present but they're never really necessary because of how easily the car is almost inevitably avoidable, so to see the option of them having a reason to be there and something to spice up repeatedly running the same stages would be excellent. On top of this - I would really like just generally there to be more involvement of AI competitors, whether that be background activity or some sort of information feed like in DiRT 4; anything like that. I don't play the solo career personally much because it simply feels like racing in a vacuum, so adding some interactivity to make it feel like a real, live, active and busy event would be a great area of improvement to me.
  2. ThunderboltSix

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    This is a really nice tribute to Colin, should be great fun to get to grips with the Impreza S4 and the Legacy - not to mention Scotland too. I have to ask though, the wording of the announcement seems to very heavily imply, if not actually outright state, that this is the end of the line for Dirt Rally 2.0 content. If that's the case, I will admit this announcement will probably leave me quite crestfallen. The devs have done a great job with adding new cars and locations for us to have fun with, but there's so so so many more of each that I think any of us would be absolutely stoked to see make it to the game. 11 months since the game's release has given us a huge pile of content but to see that potential for even more (however limited by licencing and the legal side of things) disappear does unfortunately make me a bit melancholy about the whole announcement. (Tears shed for my favourite hopeful, the Citroen BX 4TC) I'd love to know where the devs will be moving their focus and attention should the game's content cycle close off here, though I can imagine that's probably not something for public announcement.
  3. ThunderboltSix

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    The only major missing Group B four-wheel-drive car, the Citroen BX 4TC - I would really love this car in DR2.0. I've tried to ask multiple times by email, via Twitter, and in a live chat during a car reveal if the BX 4TC is even a possibility, as well as the methods involved in how cars are chosen and licenced for use in the game, but no luck getting a response just yet. If someone could point me at who I should ask and how I should contact them, I'd hugely appreciate it. As to the car itself - I firmly believe it would be an excellent, high-skill-ceiling addition to the game and Group B 4WD. The car did not have a central differential and so was unstable on dirt and even worse on tarmac, and the hydropneumatic suspension, while near-overworked by the rough surfaces and aggressive driving style needed to alleviate drivetrain wind-up, would bring some interesting dynamics to faster rallying. At present only the Citroen DS 21 has this type of suspension in-game. To keep up with other Group B 4WD cars would be a real and IMO highly enjoyable challenge in the BX 4TC. The game already has multiple Citroens present; L'Equipe and Total-sponsored cars displaying these company's logos are also already in-game. This ties into my interest and unfortunate lack of response so far into the methods that the developers use to pick cars and licence them and their liveries for the game - once again I'd hugely appreciate it if someone knows where and / or who I should ask about this (not just so I can pester them about the BX 4TC, I do have an interest generally in how the process works, I promise) Anyway, as my favourite Group B 4WD car (despite being objectively a bit rubbish), I would give anything to finally see this car in an actual videogame.
  4. ThunderboltSix

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Sometimes pushing too hard gets you in big trouble... ...Other times not only do you get away with it, but you punch yourself a ticket to the top ten fastest times globally, and fastest time overall for your car.