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  1. I think people were saying F2 was harder to drive due to the TC or their twitchy nature. I've not driven them for weeks but remember the struggle trying to get them to go round tight, slow corners, no matter what I did with the aero or roll bars. I decided I'd drive some of the classic F1 cars instead, which so far have been a lot of fun.
  2. The F2 cars understeer even more so IMO. Doubt this is completely realistic either.
  3. Mauler77


    Is the HUD an assist? Just wanted to check if we should all be playing it with the HUD off, seeing as real drivers don't have one.
  4. Mauler77

    Slow straight line speed

    Most of my recent tuning experience comes from the 2 Project CARS games and I have to agree that some of the setups in F1 don't make sense to me and are against what I've learned about tuning cars. There's a lot of understeer in the handling model so I get the roll bar situation. It's all very simplified which is a shame but I guess they don't want people spending ages in the garage tuning.
  5. Mauler77

    Let the player choose how to play the game

    The ability to manually select how many laps we want to race would be so good. It's not going to happen though.
  6. I agree. The tuning options don't affect the car enough so isn't worth implementing.
  7. Mauler77

    OSD lap timing and gaps

    Someone will say get a companion app, which is fair enough, but I'd like to see this info in game too
  8. Mauler77

    Thank you for nothing Codemasters.

    Yes, coming from Project CARS, the setup options in this game are quite limited, but also adjusting the sliders makes very little difference to the handling compared to that game. Or even AC. You can go fully soft with one roll bar and hard with the other and yet it seems the handling doesn't differ massively, or certainly not enough. Maybe it's just how F1 cars are. Perhaps there's hardly any difference with max/min on some of the setup options. This could be why it's harder to dial out understeer, for example, even with extreme values. Or it could just be a simplified handling/physics/tuning model used for this game. I have no idea. I just wish tinkering with the setup screens yielded more noticeable handling differences for the cars. But on the other hand I guess I get more time on the track as opposed to in the garage so there is that...
  9. I find the game on standard PS4 has a fairly soft look to it generally, especially on distant objects. If that's the sacrifice to hit higher FPS I won't complain. I briefly turned motion blur off when I first bought it but didn't notice a huge difference, at least not compared to say something like Uncharted 4, which looks way better with it off, whereas Doom looks good with it on. Have a play, see if you can notice much difference.
  10. Had a couple of 25% races last night in the Red Bull and McLaren and the handling is much nicer now. Can actually push harder and go faster. Good stuff.
  11. Any changes to the F2 handling? Chronic understeer still present?
  12. Mauler77

    Race highlights

    I think it would be nice to include highlights of your opponents. If they pull off some nice overtakes on each other etc. I would like to see it as well as my own moves.
  13. Mauler77

    Full Sim help

    Might be worth turning ABS and TC on, just until you get used to the wheel, the handling, the FFB, the tracks etc. Will lead to less frustration I'm sure. It can take a fair amount of time until you feel happy with a new wheel, but locking up and doing donuts isn't going to help. Take it slowly
  14. Mauler77

    Stronger Wheel Users FFB PSA

    I think I'm using 60ish for FFB and 10 for everything else. The default values were way too strong for me (PS4/T300)
  15. Mauler77

    The performance on the PS4 is a joke

    I have found the game runs pretty well on my standard PS4. Don't know about online performance, but race weekends etc are fine for me. Pleasantly surprised by it, in fact. Certainly strives for 50-60fps most of the time and have never seen bad chugging like 20fps would do.