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  1. Mauler77

    Patch 1.12 ruined glove textures

    I got in the cockpit last night and had no glove textures for a few seconds, then they drew in. Not had that before.
  2. Mauler77

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    I'm a few races into the 2018 F2 season; apart from new drivers, do the 2019 cars handle differently? Are there different tracks too?
  3. I think people were saying F2 was harder to drive due to the TC or their twitchy nature. I've not driven them for weeks but remember the struggle trying to get them to go round tight, slow corners, no matter what I did with the aero or roll bars. I decided I'd drive some of the classic F1 cars instead, which so far have been a lot of fun.
  4. The F2 cars understeer even more so IMO. Doubt this is completely realistic either.
  5. Mauler77

    Race highlights

    I think it would be nice to include highlights of your opponents. If they pull off some nice overtakes on each other etc. I would like to see it as well as my own moves.