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    I CAN'T UPDATE TO 1.04

    Hi all! So it's just like in the title. I play on PC, and when I open steam, F1 2019 should update, but there's no way to update to 1.04. I've tried everything. I verified integrity of game files. I uninstalled and i installed again. I've tried turning off Steam overlay...Nothing works. So i'm unable to online functions.
  2. Javift14

    I CAN'T UPDATE TO 1.04

    Ok, I've just fixed it!
  3. Javift14

    I CAN'T UPDATE TO 1.04

    So, I don't have third party firewall or download limiters. I've just activated "Download while playing", but it doesn't work too. My conecction is good. I never have a problem with it. So, I don't know what's happening 😕