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  1. thetravisty

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @DaveyGravy Thank you for that information. Ive been able to get more data from the packets because of it. Now I need to figure out why the engine temp is always 89.... Im actually an ex-programmer but I mostly worked in .net - I never came across structs and udp during that time.
  2. thetravisty

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Can anyone help me please? Ive been able to read all the basic data but I don't understand how the multi-values work. Example m_brakesTemperature[4] is supposed to be a uint16 but I get 32 as the answer when i try to read it: readUInt16LE(43).toString() Sorry for the noob question. Thank you in advance