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  1. Get rid of Australia? You want less road to drive on?! I would rather have them expand the countries they already have, with this stage of Australia for example: https://youtu.be/k1TVqtRtlMw As for new added locations: Norway, Ireland and Corsica, in that order, would be my top picks. Would be fantastic to have a second snow rally, experience those unique and narrow Irish roads of RGgiac's post and a third type of tarmac rally, perhaps the stage that ended Group B.
  2. Cordosyl

    Why can I save only 8 settings?

    If only the game stored setups for each individual car, so if you own 5 Impreza S4 Rallies in your garage, each could store 8 setups per surface type, and you could have infinite setups. But no...
  3. I feel these are the most important, but expansion in any class is welcome: H1 RWD - a class with potential for numerous lesser-powered antique rally cars. Volvo would be a fantastic here! Volvo 142, Ford Lotus Cortina, Mercedes-Benz 300 SE, Sunbeam/Hillman Imp, Volvo 122/123 Amazon Gr. B AWD - Audi Sport Quattro B2 from DR1, Peugeot 205 T16, MG Metro 6R4, Citroën BX 4TC Gr. B EVO - Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2, Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2, Lancia Delta S4, Ford RS200 Group A - Toyota Celica ST185/ST205, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 1-3 AWD up to 2000cc - needs to be split into early and late classes, with the 2005 Skoda Fabia being the first late-period car. Lancer Evo 6 relocated to 2000cc early please!
  4. Exactly, I did four or five dailies just fine, then loaded into the Group B one, it let me start and do the stage as normal, but as it turns out. The Metro 6R4 isn't fast enough to outrun Codemasters' shoddy servers. Platform: PC, Steam This is all I've been getting for the last two days, it's getting to the point where I might not buy Dirt Rally 3 if it has online requirements like this. I don't want to be locked out of a game I paid 100+€ for.
  5. This is why compulsory online play was, is and always will be a bad idea. Hopefully the servers come back online soon, because I bought Dirt Rally 2 to...play Dirt Rally 2
  6. I'd like to see higher quality fantasy liveries alongside more real-life liveries on lauch, and as DLC. In Dirt Rally 2 the Season 4 DLC liveries are by far the best, but even then I find myself using the one real-life livery for 90% of rally cars in this game. The real liveries simply look the most authentic on every car, but not always the best, especially with the liveries from Season 4. I'd like more player freedom in choosing their liveries without having to make their cars look terrible in the process.
  7. Cordosyl

    We should NOT buy any new DLC until the game is FIXED!

    Look at how great BendyWater's life is, he's so much better than us! I wish I could be like him!
  8. Cordosyl

    Let's talk hardcore damage

    I'd like to preface this by saying that I love what codemasters is doing with the post-launch content and updates in Dirt Rally 2, especially updates regarding rainy weather. I'm hoping that this rant would help in getting my issues with hardcore damage mode fixed in future updates just like the rain was. When I heard that Dirt Rally 2 would feature a hardcore damage mode, I imagined Richard Burns Rally 2.0. When I'm playing RBR, I'm constantly afraid of crashing my car, because the damage model is absolutely brutal. Enter a corner too fast and understeer into a bush: you get a broken radiator, which will then destroy your engine within a few stages. Crash into a tree and you will most likely break the engine, forcing a retirement. If you slide and crash into a ditch or barrier, your wheels can break down. They can lose drive shafts or suffer from broken suspension. Wheels can even turn sideways or break off completely. These are relatively tame crashes. If you roll your car, you will not only lose heaps of time, but you'll also have to pray that you don't roll into anything solid and you keep a functional car. Now in Dirt Rally 1 and 2, I'm completely fine with the standard damage model, seeing as most couch rally drivers want near-invincible rally cars. My gripe is with the hardcore damage option, which really just feels like turning the damage setting from "Easy" to "Normal". I am never afraid of crashing my car in this game. It doesn't really matter if I hit a rock, a tree or a barrier - the car will rarely suffer damage that hurts me in the long run. Crashing feels more like a minor inconvinience than a rally-ending disaster. The worst that can happen is a tyre blowout, a double tyre blowout, penalty for resetting/hitting a spectator or broken headlights, which all just add time penalties or force you to drive slowly. Keeping your car safe from excess damage is an integral part in rallying, You can often see drivers slowing down for big jumps because they know their suspension can't handle the landing if they do it flat. And if they crash their car, they'll rarely get away with just a couple seconds added to their time. TL;DR: I want Dirt Rally 2 to be the Dark Souls of racing games, please let me adjust my experience to my liking. PS: I would love an option to enable hardcore damage in weekly/monthly My Team challenges, they're a significant part of My Team mode!
  9. Cordosyl

    DS 21 engine sound too loud?

    It's so loud because no other car puts in so much effort to get up a hill
  10. Cordosyl

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    While I also struggle to love FWD, F2 is a unique experience that I'd love to see in DR2. They're some of the fastest and most powerful FWD cars ever in rallying and they offer a driving experience that R2 and H2/H1 FWD classes simply can't match. It also helps that many of the F2 Kit Cars are cult classic rally cars from our childhood: Citroen Xsara/Saxo, Renault Maxi Megane, Peugeot 306, Seat Ibiza, Nissan Sunny, Skoda Felicia, Opel Astra and such.
  11. Tbf this would be less of an issue if most vehicles in the game had 3-4 good looking liveries. Most rally cars only have one, two is a blessing and nearly none have three. The Focus 2007 has zero! The rest of the liveries were blatantly created by using the livery editor from dirt 4. They rarely look good on any of the cars and are always outclassed by the real life liveries. The deluxe liveries certainly look higher in production value but the Deluxe sponsorship is insane! Why are they like this, you're only advertising the DLC to me and I already bought it!