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  1. Galaxythief

    Dear Mr David Greco - Handling 2019

    I pretty much hit a wall in TT for Melbourne trying to get the hang of the new handling model. Ive never been fast here, but in the 70%s??? Went back to 2018 to look......... 72%, and within 2 tenths of that same time......... It just feels a bit different, but the times Ive been setting are in line with 2018, I just suck in Australia. Made me fell a little better.
  2. I got my copy on Sunday. Initially hated the handling model. Im still not sure sure that I like it but its getting easier. Whatever you did in previous games, throw it out and start over. I came into this weekend on a give a solid effort in learning it, and if I dont improve enough for the game to be enjoyable just trade it in and play 2018 for another year. After banging out a good 60 laps with various setups in TT with the Ferrari, I can say Im making progress and at the very least not having the rear snap as much and setting quicker times... Normally Id be in the top 30-40%. Not great, but good enough to play at 90-100 AI difficulty and have realistic results based on the car. I feel like Im having to baby the car coming out of too many corners where aero wouldnt be having that much affect on the car, so I dont think its just reduced downforce. Im also not a heavy ballast user, 7 was my default.