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  1. Skillexs

    F1 2019 Thrustmaster T500 issue

    That didnt help. I cant get it to 0 like that. I think with -2 its driveable, but i have to test it. The difference between turning left and right got pretty small. I really thank you for time and help. 🙂 Maybe the Thrustmaster or Codemaster support have a complete solution.
  2. Skillexs

    F1 2019 Thrustmaster T500 issue

    It seems to work. It got better, its only at -2 now. maybe if i try i multiple times, i get it to 0.
  3. Skillexs

    F1 2019 Thrustmaster T500 issue

    Before i did the new calibration of wheel, my wheel did the same thing as yours. Now it finishs in the center. The steering in F1 2019 is at -7, as you see in the screenshot. Both screenshots are with exact the same settings of the wheel, but second is in f1 2017. I normally plug my wheel in, when my pc is already running. It turns on, only if i connect it to the power and with usb to the pc.
  4. Skillexs

    F1 2019 Thrustmaster T500 issue

    I downloadedthe driver package from the website, so its the 2019_ttrs_1. I already had the wheel in advanced mode, so tried to put in standard mode, but i didnt help. I think there is some problem with F1 2019 and not with my wheel. In Forza and F1 2017 its working without any issues. I already tried to reinstall the game, but it didnt help. I wrote an email to the codemaster support and i hope, they know what issue this is. But i think, they will just say the same as you guys.
  5. Skillexs

    F1 2019 Thrustmaster T500 issue

    Ok, it wasnt updated. I had to actually reinstal the driver, cause the updatefunction didnt work. The problem is still there, even with updated firmware. 😞
  6. Skillexs

    F1 2019 Thrustmaster T500 issue

    I already did that, but still thanks for the answer. 🙂
  7. Hello, i have an issue that makes the game really unenjoyable. As you can see in the picture, F1 2019 doesnt center my wheel. In other games like F1 2017, with the same settings, my wheel is centered. Im using a Thrustmaster t500 base and have the same issue with the T500RS rim and my Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 rim. Does anyone no, what i can do? I calibrated my wheel already, i reinstalled F1 2019 already. The 2nd screenshot is from F1 2017, where is perfectly fine.