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  1. I have generally found that ranked lobbies seemingly have less "idiots" than unranked - but it is incredibly frustrating when someone t-bones you out of nowhere...I accidentally put someone out of the race by a general mistake, I messaged them after to apologize and all was well. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Worntoathread said:

    Tyre and engine wear rates are scaled to race length from 25% upwards, so the shorter the length the faster they wear. 

    See, now thats what I thought but my soft tyres will last 13 laps before I start to notice any real grip going or time dropping? or is it just my nubile eye not picking up that im losing out somewhere else?

  3. also side note - on the "leagues" multiplayer any ideas when they will be adding in the proper F1 and F2 teams instead of just the Multiplayer? I'd like the ability to drive alongside my mate in a team and not have to pretend or imagine xD

  4. 15 hours ago, KrazyLurt said:

    Interesting! Where have you read that?

    It's crazy the little things you find out isnt it !!  Being relatively new to the franchise I find im learning all the time.

    also thanks @Striker_703 and @Worntoathread  - they are pretty big insights !!! See you dont get any of these things in the whole "Top 5 must do things in F1 2019" 1. Slow down into a corner and fast....


    Would you agree that to use ERS effectively you change it down prior to hitting a corner and turn it up when you want to overtake say on a straight? I want to use it manually, however dont want it to take up too much of my concentration as im fiddling with fuel settings lol

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  5. I'm enjoying it. I started with 2017, missed 18 out and got 19 - kind of gotten bored of the buying same game every year like Fifa now. I've never understood why they cant just have one game and release 6 monthly DLC or something, end up paying a bit less and there would be more constant development. instead of an "overhaul" every year. - still i think f1 2019 is fab

  6. 3 minutes ago, Andrew210227 said:

    I have the feeling that Russell has jumped Ocon in the pecking order. Wolff has already openly discussed the possibility of releasing Ocon from his Mercedes deal in order to allow him to pursue other opportunities. I still think he'll take Hülkenberg's seat for next year, though I think he'd be a great fit as a lead driver for Haas.

    True, I think Russell has shown great maturity and speed even in such a horrendous car as the Williams. I do feel for Ocon, god knows where he would go though - i've been super impressed with all the rookies this season.

  7. Having only come into the Franchise for the tail end of the F1 2017 game, skipping 2018 and now hitting the ground running on F1 2019 - I am at best a complete newbie, however i'm picking up bits & bobs but wanted to know what tips and hints/tricks you would give to New F1 players? No matter how obvious you think what advice would you give to someone just coming into the Franchise?

  8. 1 hour ago, BluntRS said:

    Nico Rosberg was the answer 😁

    Taking nothing away from Lewis, but lets get real, that Merc is untouchable in a lot of current F1 drivers hands, 2021 fingers crossed things will change, but as fans yes its great to see our fav driver win, ultimately we want great racing, which at the moment with the leader lapping up to P6 or more, is not racing.

    I use to be a fan, but 2016 just went off him. which I think after his actions, I think a lot of others did.

    Very true Nico did win in 2016 - however he was also so distressed and emotionally/physically spent from the lengths he had to go to to beat Hamilton he retired the before the next season. Hamilton is not infallible and he is not unbeatable - he is however by far at the moment the fastest and most accomplished guy on the grid, I can't see how people can argue with that? whether you like him or not sometimes you have to just stand back and applaud not only Mercedes but Lewis also.  I'd love Alonso to take Bottas seat next year, I think it'll be Ocon though.

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  9. I think Lewis is the best driver on the grid right now, and would beat any team mate in any car. He has a natural born talent for this and can extract 15% more than most other drivers apart from Alonso. I think Norris has that gift and in time with experience he will also be up there as is the same with Verstappen. Some people are born for this and some work for this, Hamilton was born to be a racing driver, Bottas for example works hard to be a racing driver.


    I agree that whole "put Hamilton in a Renault" and he wont win a race - but that's a silly concept, that's like saying give Fleetwood town a new stadium and they will be champions of Europe.

    I do think there will be a time when Hamilton will stop racing or not be with us anymore and we will look back posthumously and think jeez we did not give him the respect he deserves for his talent.

  10. On 7/15/2019 at 10:21 PM, DaleRossi said:

    With a wheel, I hated it in Formula C in PCars and I hate it in this game. lol  It is always one hairpin away from needing reconstructive surgery on my wrists from smacking the wall.

    No clue how real drivers handle this track. Especially guys like Senna and Hamilton that just dominate it. It's going to take a Miserable 50 or 100 more laps to even get remotely good at it for this week's deal. 😕

    I'm yet to finish a race on it :<


    saying that I've been practicing and im feeling hopeful for this weeks event

  11. I think i found my answer -  A score based on a number of factors, including qualifying time, race position, total race time, assist level and more. It’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll receive a score even if you only take part in qualifying, and you can still race even if you didn’t set a qualifying time – so it’s always worth participating where and when you can. Your score places you in the global leaderboard, and at the end of the week you’ll be sent your prizes via the in-game mail system, based on where you placed.

  12. 1 minute ago, TomAAA said:

    is the licence system in place? Maybe it deducts points based on an incident etc?

    I'm not sure, I didnt have any incidents or collisions or offenses in the race ...in all fairness it was pretty straight forward

  13. Just now, TomAAA said:

    How does the race work, is the licence system in use? Do you get awarded credit points to spend after the race?

    You do practice sessions, then you do a qualy then when the official race starts at the weekend then you compete in that against other human controlled opponents at a similar qualy to yourself. You get points for all three sessions. I would just like to know exactly how the score is calculated and where I may of apparently lost points.

  14. So i've done both weeks of the event so far and i'm confused as to how the scoring works.


    I finished third, qualified a second faster and had less assists - however I finished ovr 100,00 points lower than my friend...?


    I just dont get it, he finished 2nd in his race..does that mean he gets 100,00 more points?