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  1. SIMRACER123

    Who's at fault?

    Am i the only person looking at all those tyre marks on track entering the corner and thinking there have been some questionable track limits going on ?! 🤔
  2. To be honest i don't think reporting is the way forward. There would be too many incidents reported for codemasters to review. What may work though is gamers mentality. If there was a feedback system built within the lobby where you could click either a positive or a negative button after the race to leave your feedback on your experience of racing someone after each race that may work. The total of your average feedback is then displayed within the lobby eachtime you join or while you remain in the lobby. From a psychological point of view, nobody wants to be that person that have a level of feedback that shows that they are not great to race against and may encourage people to drive a bit cleaner.
  3. SIMRACER123

    Safety Car

    Literally hate VSC with a passion. Jeff may as well come over my radio and say "Hello moron, here is another chance to screw your race over by ignoring the delta once again"....
  4. SIMRACER123

    Sponsor Contracts

  5. SIMRACER123

    No german circuits anymore?

    Strangely enough Hanoi is more enjoyable if you drive the circuit the other way around. Seems to flow a bit better.
  6. SIMRACER123

    A class driver???

    They need to do ranked in an iracing or GT Sport style where races commence at a set time rather than half filled lobbies lobbies which go everytime everyone presses green. Reduce the races slightly, bigger field per lobbies and a closer matchmaking system.
  7. SIMRACER123

    A class driver???

    I think the issue like i had last year is you reach a point where the system cannot match you with anyone and rather than place you in a lobby with active drivers it merely dumps you into an empty lobby where at best you get one other driver appear. The whole ranked system is a bit of a mess really. You end up having several lobbies of small grids rather than less lobbies with more drivers. I do find it a bit bizarre how codemasters feel it is acceptable to place drivers into empty lobbies rather than fill up existing ones and leave paying customers with little chance of participating in a function within the game.
  8. SIMRACER123

    A class driver???

    I assume this is referring to multiplayer? Do you mean when you load up a ranked multiplayer your placed into an empty lobby ?
  9. SIMRACER123

    McLaren Livery getting overlooked?

    Appreciate the whole no tobacco thing but when racing against the other cars it always makes the Mclaren look half finished which is a shame. Not really sure what else they can do though really.
  10. SIMRACER123

    My team mode questions, and lack of questions?

    I reckon any new team joining with back of the grid pace would be over the moon to receive the amount of continued income as they do on this game !
  11. SIMRACER123

    Improve Pit times

    Mine are always roughly the same. Around 2.5 ish
  12. SIMRACER123

    Monza track ugly

    At the end of the day, when your playing a game where you tubers change your tyres and fix your engines, having nice looking trees are the least of the problems
  13. SIMRACER123

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    If we are going for that level of realism then perhaps the game should be programmed that during every practice session, Vettel will lock up and ruin every set of fresh tyres or run wide and spoil pretty much every decent lap he does. I still haven't quite got my head around how he managed to lock up at Copse at the weekend.
  14. SIMRACER123

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    That mirror was worth the price of the game alone for me. No longer am i unexpectedly punted out by a Grosjean or K Mag appearing as if by magic. I can now see their incoming missile and adopt the brace position prior to their mandatory aggressive and overly optimistic manouvre.
  15. SIMRACER123

    F1 2020 Wheel Sensitivity

    Settings can be changed in game but what your describing sounds more like a wheel issue as it shouldnt change by itself mid race.
  16. SIMRACER123

    Monza track ugly

    I literally hadn't even noticed it had changed
  17. SIMRACER123

    Unrealistic and annoying throttle application

    This. All the issues can be dialled out by correctly setting the car up.
  18. SIMRACER123

    Unrealistic and annoying throttle application

    Last year i used medium TC. No TC was too sensitive. 2019 i could drive without TC but there was just something about last years game i couldn't master. I've switched back from medium to no TC on this years version and to me no TC on this version is in the ball park of last years medium TC so i'm not quite sure i agree that codemasters are behind as it seems very similar.
  19. SIMRACER123

    Unrealistic and annoying throttle application

    Indeed. I noticed that a while ago watching a specific race one time and thinking these drivers never trail brake which they do. It almost seemed like the graphic has its own 5% deadzone built into it where you can't see the subtle inputs.
  20. SIMRACER123

    Question about F2 2020 and My Team mode

    Are they, i can't say i recall seeing some of this years new drivers?
  21. SIMRACER123


    To be honest the only way to learn is to experiment within time trial and learn what does what. You can do this by selecting one of codemasters pre built set ups and then for example decide to test the wings. See how the car handles by reducing or increasing the front wing or likewise the rear wing. Generally speaking, codemasters provide a fairly solid explanation within the set up screen to tell you what each setting does. You will be able to learn much quicker if you can gain a brief understanding of how the car reacts differently having tested a few things yourself and felt how it reacts. Otherwise it's people just providing numbers to you that don't really make much sense. You don't need to do extensive tests. Just a couple of brief ones. For example running 1/9 wings and then the polar opposite of say 9/9 wings to see how different the front end feels.
  22. SIMRACER123

    f1 2020 myteam

    When did i say my team wasn't good? Asking for a friend.. Interesting new account to just post an inaccurate comment.
  23. SIMRACER123

    Bahrain T2 - losing so much time!!

    Having no TC is quicker when you master it as your fully in control of your acceleration. Most people though only think about "no TC" in terms of immediate acceleration speed out of a corner and how it will gain you time over an assist such as medium TC. However it also effects your cornering slightly. I noticed this when i was doing set up work a while ago where i was previously using medium TC and happened to switch to no TC and noticed that the car felt looser despite no other changes. If cornering too fast using TC or medium TC on a corner that you probably aren't even aware the TC is kicking in, it causes the car to understeer slightly. The result of this is you then end up having to alter the set up to compensate and essentially start building a set up around a traction control setting to achieve the same result. Or to put it another way, if your a person who likes to load set ups from time trial or copy You tubers set ups, you need to remember that chances are, thoses set ups are run on the "No TC" setting so if you copy it identically, you will be carrying a little more understeer if using any TC setting. We aren't talking about huge amounts of time but the tenths add up across a race/lap.
  24. SIMRACER123

    Unrealistic and annoying throttle application

    Thing is, asking for more feel whilst using a G29 is a difficult one as an entry level wheel will natually have its limitations.
  25. SIMRACER123


    Bahrain is probably a bad example to discuss really. The AI are slightly overpowered at Bahrain. Plus i believe the AI run 5/5 wings and I'm not entirely convinced half these set ups people copy with high rear wings are created with multiplayer in mind rather than AI using low wings.