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    gameplay changed with patchs?

    Seriously ! PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE PHYSICS !!! If anyone in the office hints at changing them, feel free to wheel them out the door and push them down the road as far away from the office as possible 😄
  2. SIMRACER123

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    @amazingblaze You have to love a livery that matches the tyre colour along with the soft and medium and hard compounds thus assuring the car looks pleasing to the eye at all times. 😀
  3. SIMRACER123

    Where is the logic to this

    @Mike5500 in the spirit of not alienating the entire community creating duplicate threads about the same thing, why don't you just create one thread called Mikes Gripes and just add all your complaints to your own thread on a daily basis. Just makes more sense than flooding the forum with the same threads.
  4. SIMRACER123

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

    First there was black lives matter , now we have nobody matters 😁
  5. SIMRACER123

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

    I just think it looks a bit odd on the game having nothing there. Makes the car look half finished. Not that its a big deal. Merely an observation.
  6. SIMRACER123

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

    Out of interest does the McLaren have its sponsors one the bottom side of the engine cover now or is it still empty?
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    Get better friends. Next case...
  8. SIMRACER123


    You could try using the below as a starting point https://www.f1carsetup.com/index.php?/forum/453-f1-2020-setups/
  9. SIMRACER123


    of course. I mean why you would want to though is another matter ! 😄
  10. SIMRACER123

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    This is a good question, can i add for David, does track temp affect which tyre compound you could use? I.e Hards, more likely to get up to working range quicker on a warm track and make it a better consideration to use.
  11. SIMRACER123

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    It's probably a reassuring thing if it's just needing practice. Why not try going onto grand prix mode and selecting a 50% race, do the first 5 laps then click on "restart session" and the car is placed back on the grid and you can start again and do the early laps once more over and over. Might be a quicker way to practice driving the early part of the race.
  12. This may seem to be an overly obvious answer to some but it isn't something i've explored much on this game or the 2019 version. How is the best way to get the most out of the league function on the game? How to people generally use it? I understand the principle of the league based system but i guess what i'm asking is with the leagues listed as public, how likely is it that they tend to continue or do people find that after one or 2 races it fades away? I wouldn't mind looking into the league system but i didn't want to start adding myself to leagues without fully understanding it and being one of those annoying people that didn't turn up.
  13. I agree. I imagine some use it as a way of indicating a braking zone or corner is coming up, much like how some opt to use T-Cam to see the apex easier.
  14. Yes. Is it a little frustrating that some people game a game by multi accounting or cheating. Possibly. Is it worth getting so annoyed that you need to spam a forum with the same complaints making it sound like it's having a detrimental impact to your own well being. Probably not.
  15. SIMRACER123

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    No, they quite frequently make mistakes.
  16. SIMRACER123

    Which mode you playing?

    The races on GT Sport were certainly a lot cleaner that's for sure. Whether it was due to the mentality that the race felt a little more serious being at set times and you couldn't jump straight onto another seconds later i have no idea though.
  17. Should i be the one to break it to Mike that George Russell used ABS on the 2019 game...
  18. SIMRACER123

    Which mode you playing?

    I agree. I come from an iracing background and this is an area codemasters need to improve to promote online racing. There is too much emphasis on creating a lobby and immediately away you go. But all that means is you end up with with races with say 8 cars only which after a couple have crashed is not exactly great racing. It should be about quality not quantity. To me what they should do is make races go off at set times ( i believe GT Sport did this although its been a while since i played that to remember ). Having more people queued up to race makes the fields bigger and the matchmaking will be closer too. However what would need to be implemented is a way that when people join, rather than sit in a lobby staring at nothing, they then immediately go to an online practice session where all other people wanting to race can get some practice laps in to tinker with set ups or something. Basically, giving people a chance to drive rather than sat there doing nothing. Essentially, this part is a bit like iracing. Make online racing an all around better experience of driving rather than waiting.
  19. SIMRACER123

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Would you say that after 3-5 laps your roughly on pace with the AI? The AI to me atleast are just very quick at the start and then ease off a touch. If your back on pace after a few laps it may just be a case of practice.
  20. SIMRACER123


    In terms of the update my question isn't really about when it is coming out, my question is purely interest regarding the livery updates that produces so many threads. Are you able to provide some kind of idea as to the procedure codemasters have to go through that has to occur for liveries to be amended? I'm just intrigued to know what goes on behind the scenes. Would also perhaps reduce some of the threads demanding livery updates within minutes of them being changed if people had an understanding of what is involved.
  21. SIMRACER123

    Which mode you playing?

    interesting how low the ranked multiplayer is
  22. SIMRACER123

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    There isn't really a lot of information to be going from here to know how you approach the first few laps. Could it be either 1) Your just lacking a bit of practice driving on cold tyres with heavy fuel ? 2) Your not selecting the optimum fuel/overtake modes at the right point as the AI are pretty quick at the start 3) possible set up issues When you say your struggling, what are you struggling with specifically ?
  23. SIMRACER123

    Car behavior in curves

    The dirty air modelling on this is such an amazing thing on this game. It really does add so much to the race. No longer can you simply just drive lap after lap slinging it down the inside of the car in front. Now you sometimes struggle to get close to them as a result of the dirty air on the previous corner meaning you now have to pre plan an overtake.
  24. Well at least its a good bug to have in the sense that given you know that they race with extra fuel, in the interim you can simply add the same amount of extra fuel to even things out whilst the issue is resolved ( assuming you have logged the bug in the appropriate forum )