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  1. I'm not sure however i have noticed that set up's seem to respond differently in cockpit view and T-Cam view and i am competent in both. i.e a responsive set up in cockpit view feels more understeery in T-Cam view.

    Whenever i load up any set up provided by a quick you tuber who runs in T-Cam it always feels like it it never wants to turn in cockpit view.


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  2. 9 hours ago, AdrianLennon said:

    So if it doesn’t show times means it’s doesn’t work ?

    Yeah. You can still set your time on time trial. Its eventually appears online whatever time you did.

  3. 2 hours ago, UP100 said:

    Twitter is handled by various Community Managers, some of which aren't even working full time on F1. That's why the forums are the official place for technical assistance 🙂

    Urgh could anyone imagine having part of your job as being solely responsible for dealing with a Twitter account for the F1 game. Seeing some of the abusive comments to codemasters from people who probably lack the ability to make a pot noodle would make you want to spend your day banging your head against the desk.

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  4. 55 minutes ago, SASColfer said:

    Using the McLaren in the picture attached to the patch but not updating the livery is just cruel.

    Agree, that probably wasn't their finest hour.

  5. 11 minutes ago, caiocrq said:

    Seriously that the disappearance of the Safety Car was not treated?  It is proof of Codemasters' disregard for its consumers.  Unfortunate!

    or its simply an indication that the issue hasn't been resolved by the time the next patch was due to be released. 

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  6. 27 minutes ago, MikavB said:

    I love it how people think people who criticize a certain thing are angry. 
    The game could’ve been a lot better and that’s just a fact. 

    For me and many others that share that opinion, Codies have had enough tries at making a mostly bug free game but seeing that certain bugs have been around for a very long time I don’t think they can. 

    and i share the opinion that its the same people who complain about the same issues year after year and yet still continually buy the game.

    You will be familiar with the well known saying of doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

    I respectfully point out codemasters f1 games have always had some bugs on every game yet people still buy it despite complaining about it. Which raises the question that perhaps the issues people complain about either aren't actually that bad, or they just like a good moan 😂 

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  7. 7 hours ago, MikavB said:

    We’ve literally had 6 races? How much data do you need or how much times you need to see to come to the simple conclusion that Ferrari’s engine isn’t the fastest. 

    And I could’ve bet €1000 on it that someone would say that it is ‘because of covid’... 



    Seriously there are more important things to worry about than some cars being slightly in the wrong order on a game.

    I mean what do you want? Hamilton to practically win most races and every championship for realism purposes?  Williams more often than not aren't always trailing around at the back with Alfa miles off the pace, so does that not need to be amended too? 

    How about Vettel spinning more times than the tea cups at your local fairground? What about Albon struggling in quali? 

    There comes a point where you have to say to yourself just chill out and enjoy the game. It can't be fun being angry all the time.

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  8. @oner7 So to clarify, when you say your rivals data. Is this solely AI or does it includes Friends data when you race online with them. I race against 5-7 friends so something to track their data would be useful.  I'm not particularly fussed about AI data as i already know Grosjean is going to crash. 

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  9. I've never felt it at Silverstone on the game and as anyone who had been to Silverstone will tell you, it's always windy there so if it was included in the game, it would certainly appear there. Which it doesn't. 😂

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  10. 5 hours ago, MisterJesus said:

    Honestly everyone should race with everyone. Penalize **** drivers with mandatory queue times and xp penalties. Similar to Low Priority queues in other gsmrs

    TBH, everyone racing with anyone can't be any worse than the current system. If you get too good on ranked multiplayer you have got more chance of the daily shop items changing than being paired with enough people to race 😂

  11. 20 minutes ago, marioho said:

    @SIMRACER123 all the while taking T9 flat out? If so I'm so jealous of you you cannot believe!

    An idea for a third test: settle on a tyre pressure that is good enough and run a few laps with minimum negative camber (slider to the right) and minimum toe, then a few others with maximum negative camber (slider to the left) and maximum toe.


    T9 assuming its that uphill right hander was always flat out regardless of tyre temps or wear really. 

    When i was trying the sets it was with the setting all the way to the right.  I did try a couple with front camber all the way to the right and rear camber around the middle but the car didn't want to turn in as much and felt slower. Although ironically both full race times finished within 0.5 of each other so what do i know.. 😂

    Rear toe though is another matter, that eats up your tyres a fair amount.

  12. I ran a load of tests at Spain not long after the game came out mainly because its my strongest track and i am really consistent lap time wise and has a mixture of corners. I ran a 15 lap stint on the softs. 25% race. Ordinarily Big Jeff asks you to pit around lap 6.

    Among many tests i tried, one was using all tyres inflated to the max. Another the tyres all at the minimum.

    Deflated tyres caused a lot more wear. So much so that after 15 laps the front left was 85%. However i still able to set a purple sector on 80%+ worn tyres.

    Tyres inflated to the max had slightly better tyre wear but because the temps went through the roof, the lap times were about a second a lap slower.

    Now admittedly i dont use any apps to record any data, and it may just be down to the way i drive, but it was just an observation of what i saw at the time.  I think i tend to lean in the direction at the moment that controlling tyre temps in game is more important. 

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  13. the problem with @marioho now is when you seen threads like this i now think there is little point in responding as Marioho can explain something in much better detail than i ever could so you end up waiting for the perfect reply from him !

    Basically Marioho, don't leave the forum. Not without at least giving 4 weeks notice anyway... :classic_biggrin:

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  14. 1 hour ago, Ultra3142 said:

    Interesting. And no way to adjust this I take it?

    I had to alter both the linearity and the saturation together to find the right balance. Altering the linearity on its own which you would assume would be the most logical thing to alter just didn't seem to find the right balance. It was only when i added in some saturation it then felt a bit more what i consider normal.  

    It was worse on the 2019 game. What the exact issue is i have no idea.  

  15. 1 hour ago, Ultra3142 said:

    It could be a fault with your pedals that means you can't. If your saturation is already on zero I'm not sure there is another in game setting that could help. Others know more about this than be though.

    Just to check, I assume you get the problem every time you press the pedal, rather than just the very first time after switching your system on?

    Not necessarily. My CSL Elite pedals reach 100% around 1/2 to 2/3 input on the standard codemasters settings making it quite sensitive. The pedals are fine on other sims.

  16. 10 hours ago, marioho said:

    In previous games I think you would not be starting the race on ideal tyre temps if you turned formation lap off, I think. At least I heard it being this way. Can't say for sure as I always played with it on.

    And I like it this way. You know how drivers will actually pedal or walk through the whole circuit with their teams? There's something about going slow over the track that improves your understanding of its flow or that at least makes you think so.

    I also enjoy the parade.

    In theory I quite like the formation lap and safety car situations but what takes the edge off it for me a little is the AI tend to drive around like its a field of Grosjeans smacking into you at every opportunity which is a shame. 

    Other than that its quite good.