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    How to make a good start with traction control.

    The joys of google translate...
  2. SIMRACER123

    Hubert in F2 2019

    I imagine this sensitive matter has been discussed with family members before release.
  3. Is it a case that perhaps there are too many ranked lobbies. Too much focus on the next race. Quick track vote, 60 seconds and away you go even if the lobby consists of 4 drivers. Thats poor. Perhaps if less people are racing then reduce the number of lobbies, increase the wait until the next race to say 3 minutes and actually fill the lobby/field. Furthermore, make sure everyone is put into a lobby even if there is no obvious match. If someone is too good for the highest lobby then so be it. People enter multiplayer to race. Not to race 3 people, not to stare at their own user id on their own in a lobby.
  4. SIMRACER123

    Ranked empty lobby issue

    SR is easilly done by running wide on corners. Ability rating its just easier to enter a lobby and exit immediately. I discovered this when another codemasters bug reared its head where the race never started. Eventually i left as the game was frozen and i dropped from 3 gold down to 2 gold.
  5. SIMRACER123

    Ranked empty lobby issue

    @Faya Its rare i complain about this game but this really is an issue that needs to be addressed. Currently there are 3 gold rated drivers attempting to find a lobby right now. All are roughly similar licence. Everyone is continually put into an empty lobby circling around and around trying to find a lobby to race in. This problem should not exist. Just put drivers in the highest available lobby regardless of what it is. It is absolutely ridiculous that you get placed into a situation where you cannot race online. Whats more, why is it you continually check for races and end up in an empty lobby time and time again and suddenly a lobby on lap 4 pops up? Where was this race in the last 10 or minutes of trying? As it stands it's like congratulations for achieving higher levels. We are now taking part of your access to a game away.
  6. SIMRACER123

    Licence System Review ( pre patch 1.09 )

    Seems the same imo. I've stopped worrying about the SR but then i only race 25 percent races. I flip between b and c rating mainly because of the odd off track and generally the driving standards are are roughly the same but i put that down to the fact people racing in 25 percent races try a bit more to be cleaner.
  7. The whole thing is a bit of a farce really. Codemasters need to be a bit more proactive in getting more people using multiplayer. Whatever it is causing the issue at the moment isn't working so three things need to be implemented. 1) Friends invite. At the end of the day if someone misbehaves they will simply be kicked anyway. 2) Perhaps you could only invite or be invited into the lobby if you meet a set criteria. Say a C licence. Some kind of incentive to drive cleanly. 3) To me this is most important. People should never be put into empty lobbies. People looking to join a multiplayer race should always be directed to a lobby with people in it. I am max gold and more often than not end up in an empty lobby. No doubt this happens to many other people. All people should be put in the nearest highest available lobby.
  8. SIMRACER123

    Where is the SAFETY CAR?

    Doing laps around the circuit while people qualify on multiplayer
  9. SIMRACER123

    Ranked empty lobby issue

    The best solution to this right now is to deliberately reduce the rating by entering and leaving races and then eventually enter races disguised as a lower abilty driver and essentially walk over the field. Which lets face it, helps no one.
  10. SIMRACER123

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    It really would be handy when the patch notes are released if instead of a one liner a more detailed description is given. For example safety rating adjustment made. How? What? Why? Fanatec support? Support of what? I notice all games companies more often than not only seem to provide one liners in patch notes. You would assume it would be good for reputation to provide detailed responses so there isn't any false assumptions made by the community that lead to forum complaints that prospective buyers end up reading.
  11. Feedback for codemasters. Multiplayer froze in the first 2 races. Both while exiting the game. Just stuck loading trying to get back to the lobby.
  12. SIMRACER123

    How to downgrade to 1.03 patch / version

    Strategy variance. The feeling of a bit more realism.
  13. SIMRACER123

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    With respect. I'm not sure a lot of people who follow F1 would be expected to know how the tyres come out of a mold. Doesn't make them any less of a fan. Thats like expecting a football fan to know how the leather on the players football boots are made. Or expecting someone in the software industry to know how to run a competent test..
  14. SIMRACER123

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Right. But there's nothing to say a preset set up hasn't been input for the AI. Not that we are aware of anyway.
  15. SIMRACER123

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Every car has a set up.
  16. SIMRACER123

    The sound of F1 cars in F1 2019 is wrong

    With respect, there are a lot of sounds the cars make especially off throttle that barely get picked up on the TV coverage. Its the same for all motorsport. Even the BTCC sounds completely different than TV because TV Producers have to reduce certain sounds to be able to hear other things like for example the commentator. The cars in the BTCC based on the TV coverage you would think were quiet but there not. My point is, the loud off throttle noises an F1 car makes you would be able to hear. But people here are only concerned about the engine sound because thats what they think it sounds like.
  17. SIMRACER123

    The sound of F1 cars in F1 2019 is wrong

    The ironic thing is for all those people calling for the cars to sound the same as they hear on TV, the cars do not sound remotely like that in real life if you attend a Grand Prix. Essentially all your doing is swapping one incorrect sound for another.
  18. SIMRACER123

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    To summarise your long winded response, i was merely wondering if that was a factor. I for one have no idea whether they are overpowered or not. The only thing i can say for certain is overall, people do not spend as much time practicing in the wet on the game as they do in the dry nor do they spend as much time putting together wet weather set ups. Whether that is a factor though we dont know.
  19. SIMRACER123

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    See here is my concern and your description is a good example so I'm not generalising this at you. None of your comment suggests making any set up changes to make the car suitable for wet weather driving. I'm not entirely convinced that people are comparing eggs with eggs. Could it be that the AI build a wet weather set up where as many users don't?
  20. SIMRACER123

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Posting that picture of a degree just feels a whole lot more awkward....
  21. SIMRACER123

    Small Suggestions

    I suppose a fairly easy thing to implement for cockpit view is the option for tear offs with the visor progressively becoming dirty over time.
  22. SIMRACER123

    Tyre life in qualifying programme

    Always do the outlap yourself rather than flying lap to get more heat in the tyres. Always make sure the track is rubbered in too.
  23. SIMRACER123

    F1 ranked

    The whole ranked thing is a bit of a farce anyway. You can't invite friends for obvious reasons turning people away. You then have people who reach gold with a high safety rating who then struggle to find lobbies. And then when you do find a lobby, more often than not someone within the lobby immediately votes to kick you from the lobby because your too good and its stops them from farming their stats. On one hand it's a compliment but then it's quite sad that winning is so important these days to some people they will resort to removing quicker drivers just to make their stats look good rather than actually learning to just driving quicker.
  24. SIMRACER123

    AI difficulty in wet and dry

    Watch out The last person to claim there was no issue between dry and wet was later found out to be driving significantly below a level deemed to be challenging for his dry level ability. 😁 All has gone quiet from said person ever since.
  25. SIMRACER123

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    Possibly. It may contribute but comparing driving a wheel to a controller is like comparing chalk and cheese. You will just need to get used to the wheel. I'm sure there may be places where a pad has an advantage but you will never be able to post the same level of consistency lap after lap with a pad.