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  1. dfixer

    Save and watch replay

    I honestly dont get why this isnt a thing right out of tha box, and why doesnt a game like this have VR... Bugmasters.....
  2. dfixer

    Save and watch replay

    1st how tha hell are we in 2019/2020 don't have a full Replay recorder player... Thats just unbelievable. If people want to "compete" they need this feature. It's just stupid not to implement. And by that way, highlights in 2019 f1 Codemasters is just stupid and ridiculous. We want full telemetry on replays and possibility to move tha camera around in order to discuss bad driving or getting that perfect shot. We need this for the leagues. It's a must do. I know this is not a real sim, but it will definitely help the community competition. Please make this real.
  3. Nobody wants this ??? WTH....
  4. @Faya Just for the record i'm playing with steam overlay and have the nvidia driver 430.64 without major issues. Only crashed like 2 or 3 times... 🙂 hope it helps.
  5. hi, i came across this strange bug in highlights/replay racing. sometimes the car doesn't have a shadow... giving the car a "float" feel... See video... (sorry for video resolution im on triple screen setup) No shadow: With Shadows : No Shadows You guys can check the full replay here : Hope it helps you narrow it down. Best Regards.
  6. To me it "always" happens the first time i try to go into the race... At least this weekend and the previous, was like that, but on the first event (austria) 1 Hour later i could connect, at least last weekend, this weekend i havent tryed a second time...
  7. I also had this Bug last week and this week. It was also always in my first try of the event. This weekend i coudnt confirm since i only had window go to in one event and it gave me the same error NM14.
  8. Something like this (see screenshot) ? 🙂 That happened to me last night (Saturday) I went for a try at 21:00 GMT and after waited for 15 minutes, I get an error NM14 i think and no race... I also thought... "ok. I will on the next one... " I discovered that the races only last until 21h00 pm... That's the last one.... at least for me on that day... Today I raced 3 times... On my first try i spinned out from second to Last.. to my own fault... On the Second, there was the obvious 1 turn mistakes from everybody else to (like you)got slammed from another guy... also 5 to last.. On the third one, i managed to survived rampage, and dive bombing, and ended with a mistake on the last laps in 9... The Information & Prizes section said that the event would end in 5h, but "All Races Finished" like the screenshot. I'm guessing now that this is the end of the event itself, and start of a new one. I guess a timeline would be nice... either in the game itself or on the "go to race" button, saying what's the time left to the last race of the day. If there was a "F1 2019 Companion or Stuart" app for android or ios, this type of things could be "broadcasted" from there. Think of that Codemasters... AlexTT i found this : http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/06/exploring-f1-2019s-events/ " Over the weekend, multiplayer races are scheduled at specific times throughout the day. At these times, all the players waiting for the race enter matchmaking simultaneously, resulting in a much greater likelihood of finding a full session with players of your skill level. You’ll then be arranged on the grid based on your qualifying time. To encourage as many people as possible to take part in races, the races can be repeated multiple times with no penalty… but making another attempt still clears your previous performance, so you need to be confident that you can improve upon it! At the end of the race, you’ll receive a score based on a number of factors, including qualifying time, race position, total race time, assist level and more. It’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll receive a score even if you only take part in qualifying, and you can still race even if you didn’t set a qualifying time – so it’s always worth participating where and when you can. Your score places you in the global leaderboard, and at the end of the week you’ll be sent your prizes via the in-game mail system, based on where you placed. These Grand Prix events will be broadly slated to occur at the same time as the real world events, with the weeks in between composed of Classic Grand Prix events and Featured Events. Classic Grand Prix works essentially the same way as the Grand Prix events described above, but uses classic cars instead of the multiplayer car, helping to provide a large amount of variety week-on-week. With these new weekly events and the associated prizes there’ll be something to keep you coming back each and every week! And we hope you’re excited to join in with our first Weekly Event when the game launches next week. " No reference to Time of the races. 🙂
  9. In the new F1 2019, you guys take the online to another level. I would like to request if possible, a companion for mobile. The ideia, is the app on the cellphone notifes when a new event its available, or when a new race is going to start. also acess to the leaderboards would be nice. Next League races etc.. It would be a great call in order to people keep "comming" to the game.
  10. Hi Codemasters. I'm a proud owner of a few of your games... I would like to Request some attention from the developers to 2 "crucial" patch's that should be done, in the camera/monitor Settings. The first request is the obvious support to VR, in the current timeline, games like DIRT 2.0 or F1 series, should become/have VR native Support. VR brings a lot of immersion to the games... Games like asseto corsa project cars rfactor etc... already bring native support to vr, even euro truck simulator has it... so why not Codemasters. I definitely recommend implementing this. The Second Request its directed to people who owned a triple monitor setup, and by some reason, don't have all 3 monitors either equal or with different stands. Project Cars2 made a good calibration for monitors, because they know sim racers are going to play the game, and most sim-racers have triple monitors setup. I would like to example what I'm saying : In the attachment, there's a video, in there you can see my setup, currently, I have a Left size: 24 inch Center: 27 inch Right: 27 I'm running Project Cars2, and i have configured the screens in the game. You can adjust this setting to get a nice view of all 3 monitors. even if they are different, like in my case. In F1 2019 and all other titles from Codemasters that i recall, this "feature" or setting, isn't available, and it kind of ruins the view... as you can see in f1bad.jpg as you can see in the video after adjusting pcars2, it all runs smoothly... please Copy and implement this in F1 and other Codemasters games like Dirt 2.0. This Fixed and VR would be a great silent patch to the game. Congratulations on the new Online mode, and the weekly events. :) good job Thanks in advance. videoplayback.mp4