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  1. chrizH

    Crashing since release [ZX]

    @steviejay69@Faya I've updated to 19.7.1 and tried it out.. joined a ranked session on bahrain and the game crash dumped after going round the first corner. The game was open for about 3-4 minutes. Unsure what the cause is for this as it doesn't seem to be a driver issue? Thanks
  2. chrizH

    Crashing since release [ZX]

    Hey Faya, thank you for responding. I've tried everything thats been posted in other threads and online elsewhere and nothing has worked including safe mode. I'll be sending over crash dumps etc when i get back from work this evening. Thank you
  3. Been having crashes on and off since release and tried everything to solve them with no joy. Updated all drivers, AMD 19.6.3 driver allowed me to play through an entire online 25% race then when i was returned to lobby the game crashed as it would before. I've managed numerous hours on time trials with more joy without crashes but they still occur at random times, on the other hand any other game mode usually ends up with crash dumps shortly after beginning a session if not immediately while loading into the track. System is running i5-3570k, hd 7870, 16gb ram, win10 fully updated. Any help would be most welcome These crashes happen on dx11 and 12.