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  1. 2 hours ago, DarrenAH said:

    Oh definitely, don't take my comment as agreeing with the system as it is because I am definitely on the side that would love it to change

    Yes mate. I know. I like a decent challenge. But it's the unbalanced points system that breaks the ranked MP... I see some people with gold rating but they are not better than me. They probably had al the luck of the world too achieve Gold status. 

    Were now at patch 1.08 and still not a single word of the Devs about the skill rating system. 

  2. 9 hours ago, DarrenAH said:

    I understand the frustration, but your suggestion is a terrible one. It's a ranking system, not being able to lose points would render it useless as a ranking system. 

    Gold rating shouldn't be all too easy. I agree. But it's still an unfair system right now. I had a couple of connection errors, races that wouldn't start, blue screens and offcourse dirty racers. You lose big skillpoints because off that. Is very hard to gain back your lost points. Especially when you where in the 1900's.

    I'm not the best racer out there, but I am certainly not bad either. I have enough poles online, but 90% I'm getting rammed in the first corners.

    I still believe the gains en losses are unbalanced. 


  3. Pure ******** this is man... Lap5/5. Bam.. Lost connection to PSN. Nothing I could do. Lost 60 goddamn hard fought points. Never ever have I played such an unfair game. 

    I know it is important to punish rage quitters, but if people got connection problems they get punished too. This got to be the most luck based thing in a game I have ever witnessed. I just love the game. It's incredible but ranked MP its not... 

  4. 5 hours ago, DarrenAH said:

    However with the low number of players in the game its not easy to find lobbies of higher rated racers, this is why the system isn't viable for the future ... as less people play the higher ranked players won't gain anymore

    Completely true. Within a year people will be playing less, because of the new 2020 game or something. And the players are screwed because they can't get enough points.

  5. 15 hours ago, JStory17 said:

    Well, I finally got the trophy this morning. 


    Here's the sad, pathetic truth.

    1) Drop yourself down to B or C skill ratings.

    2) Qualify as best as possible (no worse than fourth). Avoid the chaos in the rear.

    3) Win as many races as possible (finish no lower than third).

    4) Cut a corner or exceed track limits once or twice a race to keep your rating inside B or C skill. 

    Yess. This. It's almost necessary to drop to C ratings. Don't think the Devs designed it that way. But it is only chance with the small rewards you get. They have to make the rewards higher. 

    But congrats man. Wish I had it all ready. Played for days with no luck. It's not that I am bad or something. But every good streak is getting destroyed by one bad race full of idiots. You can start al over again. 

    And turning off your internet connection, doesn't work for me. I don't lose skill points right away. But if I quit and turn off the console, the next time when I play the game I have lost points. 

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  6. Allright, maybe it's time to become a dirty driver myself. I seriously want to be a sportsman, but I don't get sportsmanship in return. So I think I have no choice. I'm going to brake test people, push them of the track and cutting corners...or CM can patch this in the next patch. Why not permanent ghost cars? That would help a lot also. Lost 200 points yesterday. All my hard fought points completely destroyed in 4 races.. 

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  7. On 7/29/2019 at 4:45 PM, Patricko said:

    @Faya or @Hoo. Are there any updates on changes in Skill Rating System? We really hope so it's the next patch, right? 

    If they fix the balance even a little bit, It would be much better. But this is just ********. I had 1816 points going into Brazil. I was p2. But some idiot kamikaze freak had pushed me off the track into the wall... terminal damage.. In lap 5 on the main straight. It just sucks bigtime. Lost 60 points or something. I takes ages to win 60 points again if you are lucky.. 

  8. 2 hours ago, DizzyDavidson said:

    So I thought I give online another chance today. It didn't go well to say the least. It took me about 10 races to gain 80 points then come next race, someone crashes in front of me, no way to avoid it, DNF (and I was heading for the podium too). Lost all those points in ONE race. Very next race I get rammed in the third corner, lost even more. Of course at this point I'm angry and can't concentrate as much. It takes me a while to end up where I started at the end of the day. I played about 5 hours today with NOTHING to show for it.

    Man I feel your pain. The win/lose points are just not balanced. Its way too punishing right now. O man, I just hope they will patch this. 

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  9. 37 minutes ago, bricks28 said:

    I got this achievement this morning, I had to de-tank myself to safety rating B to find it easier, it’s so much better to do it with lobby’s of 10 and always start from the back and let the carnage happen infront if you, then it’s easy overtakes, I’m just so glad that i don’t have to touch multiplayer again for achievements

    Congrats man! I just hope I will ever get this one.. 

  10. 4 hours ago, Lightsp33d1987 said:

    Not sure if you are getting things mixed up as you need gold skill rating and A safety rating for the skill you need to keep getting podiums to really make progress, For safety A just stay at the back avoid everyone and dont cut corners and you will get that in no time.

    I know the differences. But If you have to retire because of some dump people, you lose skillpoints and your safety rating. 

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  11. @bricks28 Dude, that sucks. The game is just so damn unstable. And with all those online trolls.. It's not even funny anymore. It's absolute trash like this.. 

    Again I did a race. Started at the back. I avoided first lap carnage but at the end of the straight there was somebody waiting for me on purpose. Yep, a big side slam.. My race was over.. Lost 70 points. I seriously don't know If I ever get an A skill rating like this. 

  12. Please CM. ..patch this skillpoint rating system. I did a ranked 25% today in a small lobby with 6 people. Everything went pretty well. I was first after 4 laps or something. Eventually I came close to a backmarker. He just bumper car me into the gravel and wall... What the... I'm I supposed to do against these trolls?? Luckely I won the race after a second pitstop and new front wing, but this is just nuts. But my safety rating has fallen to a C.