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  1. hi guys! i see here great videos of KitCars... how i have to find them ingame? i don't find any related class in menu....
  2. last stream on Twitch (uploaded on YT) of my attempt in Test champ of my own club:
  3. Champ Test 3 is running https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/114270
  4. until
    Test Champ 3 (cl.R5): Monaro 4/4
  5. until
    Test Champ 3 (cl.R5): New England 3/4
  6. until
    Test Champ 3 (cl.R5): Catamarca Province 2/4
  7. until
  8. Next test poll: https://www.facebook.com/groups/390149871398374/permalink/687209505025741/
  9. until
    12 stages - Gr. B 4WD
  10. Great work & great idea, i rated on RD full stars! It would be great if you program to release full category jWRC/R2 base livery, as well fictional WRC/R5 ones!
  11. Go guys, Monaro ended, now it's spanish tarmac time!
  12. until

    Monaro ended, only 3 racers:
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