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    Everything that needs2be fixed about the game

    Personally Onrush is a great game, and deserve congratulations I had a great time .. but there are certain aspects that I would like to recommend: • I do not know why there was no promotion of the game. • Onrush is the "Mario kart" or the "crash CTR racing" of teenagers and adults • Why it was not considered to acquire armament, machine guns, pistols, bombs, missiles and remote controlled basins, not to stick to the car, rims or to tear down part of the stage, weapons as the neutralizing police of electricity have for the sole purpose of removing the game to opponents • it would be great to play two friends on the same screen, if the two do not advance on the same screen they could not continue as in "two brothers", the emotion that is felt having your friend by your side in the same game next to you is incomparable • within the same option for two players on the same screen would put the one to drive the car and the partner with the other lever to control the shots, bombs, neutralizers, oils to slide, maps, routes, nitro, fuel, engine heating etc. It would be great, I had never done it before. • score by dodging humans, not run over, dodge objects. • the interaction with the scenario is important, similar to "motorstorm apocalypse", intersecting trains, collapsing buildings, I would increase, tornadoes dragging vehicles, tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, planes that fall, airplanes that bombard you , gangs that attack you and police that chase you according to the scenario. • crossing of livestock and animals. • Acrobatics to earn points • more scenarios, in the city, on racetracks, etc. • The effect when you hit your opponent in slow motion is great but I would like to see the explosion and finish of the car at the end. • the damage chamber is very good to check when you crash or collide but there are people who do not like it, after that crash I would like to give x to continue or square to watch the action. • lack more to customize the vehicles to place holes in the wheels on the body, more protection in the chassis, tires according to the terrain, purchase bigger tanks for filling the rush, new more powerful engines, parts and pieces according to the weather. • engine sounds and nitro color to choose as in "rocket leage" I know it's a lot to ask but a good game requires all this to be precisely the best. Onrush is a very good game however it could have been done more, all this small contribution to take it into account I think they would have done one of the first games .. well if you can not update it in this, I would expect to take it into account for onrush 2