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  1. CosareNL

    Shame on you !!!!!

    Finde anomalys 🙂
  2. CosareNL

    Shame on you !!!!!

    Btw,did you guys ever seen this?Grid start,duels.Look how guy went from 7 to 1 in no time.And if you look at time at start you will see olmost 5 sec get added in split sec.This was for me first time to see this and I played over 3000 duels.I did managed to catch him back and win 🙂
  3. CosareNL

    Shame on you !!!!!

    I wish they fix events...….
  4. CosareNL

    Shame on you !!!!!

    I don t have any other words for staff and moderators.Not replying in days or weeks while there is handful posts only.If there was 100s and 100s of posts to reply I would understud,but this is ludacris.There you have cople of people trying to help you make this game great and you are basicly spitting on them the way you act.Just writing here in the forum says you care and you want to help.It takes time to write post.Some posts are huge.Imagine how long did that person take to write it.Comeone.Makes no sence.Us begging you to make game better.You who get payed to make game and everything around it better.For the love of gaming gods,wake up please….
  5. CosareNL

    DRS now reaching 400+ kph!!

    It applys only for qualification.There is no DRS in the races
  6. CosareNL

    DRS now reaching 400+ kph!!

    Looks like Wipeout😄
  7. CosareNL

    Patch 6.5 notes

    Only Quali,there is no DRS in races,hehe
  8. CosareNL

    Argue for GRB

    I hope you never do 🙂
  9. I am wondering how many sec are we going to lose per lap in the event!!
  10. I am kinda new here but looking to some post I noticed a lot of no reply posts.Even this post.Posted on July 1st and still no reply.That makes me sad!!!!
  11. CosareNL

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    Hello C To go faster you nead to turn of your brake assist.Preformance indicator on the highest you have.I am using my highest posible parts "1553"and I do have one setting with some other parts at "1513" but its simply slower then 1553.About Monaco,don t hit the walls and practice a lot.I mean a lot!!Learn all that curbs and bumps.Try some orthodoxe lines in long corners.Brake late but not 2late!!
  12. CosareNL

    2000 wins

    Hey hey hey Codies 😋 Celebration😘😎😄😍😉
  13. CosareNL

    Canada pole time is ludicrous

    I drove 1.03.815. Assists:Braking off,Low steering,Low stability Assuming the Preformance indicator matters , highest one I saw was 1650 month ago.My is 1553.Knowing I drove in Austria 58.87 with potential to drive low 58. My pb sector times in Austria are s1 13.90 s2 25.78 s3 18.40. That would be less then 1 sec of no1.I think fastest time was 57.33.Knowing that I am wondering how are they faster then me 4,5,6 sec on some other tracks.Makes no sense!!
  14. CosareNL

    Canada pole time is ludicrous

    I agree.2 secondes of the official time is pleanty of time.Anything above that is just too much.I don t belive they will nerf it.If so,all events reset and drive again?
  15. CosareNL

    Meet the phantom takeoff bug

    Here is one on tape!!