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  1. CosareNL

    Setups and settings saga

    Hi Dr Z, I do not finish every time on 1st place.I belive AI is addapting to each preformance.Yes,higher Preformance Indicator will make you go faster(Not if you put all on brakes)I am kinda trying to focus on each race individually.Its only 1 lap,so I am trying to forget evrything else and focus on that lap.Sometimes it works out,sometimes it dont.Better parts are makeing me more copetitive.I remember when I was in top 50 in overal leaderboard.I am in the top 20 now.I am trying to learn from my mistakes.I don t know how does it works for others but I am trying to win each race I drive.Clean racing no hitting,no plowing and yes,I allways finish my race even if I am losing big.I never quit.I allways belive if my opponent makes mistake,I will have a slight chance to make a comeback...Greetings from Holland and….Race you laterrrr!!!!
  2. CosareNL

    Setups and settings saga

    Part 6.Enjoy!!
  3. CosareNL

    Setups and settings saga

    Part 5 is out.Race you laterrr!!!
  4. CosareNL

    Error starten F1 app after update 8

    As long you know your login and you have made backup of your device if you delated everything to factory settings.Yes!!!
  5. CosareNL

    Hit or be hit? That is the question.

    You are so right
  6. CosareNL

    Error starten F1 app after update 8

    Try to delate game ,download and instal it again…..
  7. CosareNL

    Setups and settings saga

    I have Season pass and VIP since May
  8. CosareNL

    Paying to retry?

    No sir
  9. CosareNL

    Paying to retry?

    Look at that Leaderboard,lol…..Insane or not?
  10. CosareNL

    Update 8

    Greetings Alex and welcome to the comunity Remove whole game,download and instal it again.I wouldn t know anything else….Let us know if that worked
  11. CosareNL

    Paying to retry?

    Yes,I think so too.It happened to me in Bahrain.After you finish sector 1 and enter sector 2 somehow sector 1 get erased and your total time is just sector 2 and sector 3 combined….
  12. CosareNL

    Paying to retry?

    I drove 01:12.89 and with perfect sectors I could go 0.7 faster but thats about it.I don t see myself go several secondes faster than this…..
  13. CosareNL

    Setups and settings saga

    Part 4 is out.Enjoy…..
  14. CosareNL

    Worlds fastest Austria Grand Prix event

    Ay ya ya caramba.Germany Grand Prix event numero uno…..
  15. CosareNL

    Can't play duels wifi/data

    Hi Luis, Welcome to the comunity.Try to remove game,download and instal it again.I don t know what else to try…...