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  1. Lots of goodies beside Mid Season rewards.Feels like Christmas 🙂
  2. CosareNL

    Reached Elite 1

    I belive you are not getting rewards straight away.I think in the end of the month…..
  3. CosareNL

    Events leaderboards

    Hello, While ago you mentioned to do something about cheaters in the events.How far are you to do something about it?In Baku,you fixed cutting but you left all those fake times.How do you expect from us,non cheaters to compete with that?There is more then several events that has to be reseted.What is the point of leaderboards if they are fake?Lunchbox,25000 points more then 2nd place.Olmost 2 minutes faster.Hong,01:05.58.He is gaining 6000 points with it same as josemorales.Do you know how dificult is to make up 6000 points,not to mention 25 000.But all those times was driven before you patched downhill left corner.So the question is are you going to reset some of the events we allready driven? Thanks
  4. CosareNL

    Worlds fastest Austria Grand Prix event

    Awsome job.Way to go my friend 🙂
  5. Hi friends, I am kinda also in unbelive,but belive it or not I managed to take top spot in Austria Grand Prix event.I think I could go 2-3 secondes faster.There is allways posibility to do another retry 🙂 Here is whole session.Taked bit longer then hour to do whole event...I am so proud 🙂 Sound is cutting littlebit in the begin.Sorry about that.It will take a bit to go from 360p to 1080p.If you just want to see quali,race 1,2,3 or Leaderboard,there are clips of each on my channel.Enjoy!!!!
  6. CosareNL

    Can someone explain this?

    How often do you get airborne?I think I was atleast 8-9 times in the air on the simular way.....
  7. CosareNL

    Duels Leaderboard

    I just noticed some changes in the leaderboard.I am wondering what happened…..
  8. CosareNL

    Can someone explain this?

    I was airborne yesterday.Did managed to win it but it was close call.I will post clip when I get home.....
  9. CosareNL

    Worlds fastest Austria Grand Prix event

    Offcourse.records are to be broken 🙂
  10. CosareNL

    Worlds fastest Austria Grand Prix event

    Thank you very much 🙂
  11. 1st to 7th.No bueno amigo,no bueno…...
  12. CosareNL

    Update 7 review ... the Good and the Bad

    Yup yup yup.Only automated replies.Same here......First you are waiting atleast 2 days for response to realize no help is coming…….Sad,sad,sad…….
  13. CosareNL

    Development Ideas

    Hi K, I love your enthusiasm.Reminds me of me month ago.Same as reminds me of the rest of people posting here with toughts to make this game better.Last time someone from staff came here is belive it or not 29 days ago.I am sorry to brake your bubble.Most of us here feel the same.Lots of unbelive and disopointment.Take a minute and just surf tru the posts here and you will get the picture.Fact is they don t care.It makes no sense,I know.It is what it is sadly enough…..
  14. CosareNL

    Level up!!Whats up!!

    Hi, Update came just hour ago and after several games I barely moved up with xp and some other are allready level 34 while I will nead 1 month to level up just once if it continiues with this tempo.....
  15. CosareNL

    Update 7 review ... the Good and the Bad

    It hurts me most knowing there is handfull people trying to help make this game better but staff is ignoring it.26 days since someone from staff was here to reply and interact with players.I don t get it.Why is it like this?Make no sence at all…….Sad sad sad………..
  16. CosareNL

    Duels points ...

    It depends how far are you with points from eachother.If there is not much diference,you will get more then 20 points.If there is huge diference,you will get only 20 points.It works both ways that way.....
  17. CosareNL

    Setup for Grid start

    The one thing you could do is to block them before first corner by going left and right.That is what Im doing and it works fine.After first corner is no more danger unless you make mistake.If you make mistake,just retry the race before it ends…..
  18. CosareNL

    Wrong scoring in Hockenheim

    Today is exact 25 days since he was here last time.25 days.Unreal……..
  19. CosareNL

    Wrong scoring in Hockenheim

    I did 2 diferent runs today and I had same issue. just 7 and 6 secondes behinde no1 but points are not correct......
  20. CosareNL


    I hope this can help a bit.....
  21. CosareNL

    Level up!!Whats up!!

    I lost more then 800 000 xp……..
  22. CosareNL

    Shame on you !!!!!

    I don t have any other words for staff and moderators.Not replying in days or weeks while there is handful posts only.If there was 100s and 100s of posts to reply I would understud,but this is ludacris.There you have cople of people trying to help you make this game great and you are basicly spitting on them the way you act.Just writing here in the forum says you care and you want to help.It takes time to write post.Some posts are huge.Imagine how long did that person take to write it.Comeone.Makes no sence.Us begging you to make game better.You who get payed to make game and everything around it better.For the love of gaming gods,wake up please….
  23. CosareNL

    Shame on you !!!!!

    Finde anomalys 🙂
  24. CosareNL

    Shame on you !!!!!

    Btw,did you guys ever seen this?Grid start,duels.Look how guy went from 7 to 1 in no time.And if you look at time at start you will see olmost 5 sec get added in split sec.This was for me first time to see this and I played over 3000 duels.I did managed to catch him back and win 🙂
  25. CosareNL

    Shame on you !!!!!

    I wish they fix events...….