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  1. Agree I'm on Xbox Series X in quality mode and they need to have a serious look at what's going on to improve texture detail, pop in and shadows. Maybe @BarryBL can pass on peoples concerns to the graphical team. Notice this complaint is gaining on traction social media platforms
  2. This issue was in the 2020 game on Xbox (not quite to this extreme) was reported last year. Looks like its got worse this year
  3. Turn 8 at Sochi is hilarious if the Ai get pushed offline there or you are in an online race and somebody catches the kerb fast, cars turn into jet fighters thru the air lol The kerbs etc have been made riskier this years which is fine. The issue seems to be at points the 'jump/bump' you get is overdone
  4. Team orders have been legal since 2011
  5. Somebody should have told that to Mercedes, considering the radio calls to Bottas over the past 4 years. Most famously was told in Russia in 2018, the exact radio message was "you need to let lewis by into turn 13 on this lap"
  6. Was like this last year. Best one is when you are leading a race the guy behind will just keep ramming you and you get a 5sec penalty each time so you can get 25secs worth of penalties. They can even pit to repair any front wing damage and still beat you after that
  7. Yeah 2 simple options in the radio menu would do, "I am Priority 1" for AI teammate to let you past or "I am priority 2" to tell the AI they can pass you
  8. @RedDevilKT Can this issue be passed onto the devs. It was a simple yet great feature in the other games of the series, seems weird that it has been removed. Was a great way to know where you were in the world on the leaderboard
  9. How about you actually read the OP and click the link in the original post to the video before mouthing off
  10. TomAAA

    New tyres model

    Would love an update from @David Greco on this. Would be interesting to know what specifically is different for the tyres in the game this year
  11. Xbox One X F1 2021 V1.04 Game mode: All game modes Description: The graphics load / shadow load are really poor on next gen, the tree shadows for example load up in such a short distance that they catch your eye and become a distraction when driving. The overall quality of the graphics seems lacking on next gen compared to last years game even in quality mode, White lines are more jaggied than last year too Here is an example of the distracting shadow load on the trees
  12. Yeah can't believe how disappointing the game looks on next gen. Wasn't expect a huge upgrade, but didn't expect birds, helicopters, planes to be cut, little things but they add depth. Even worse is how there is so much tree shadow loading that distracts and catches your eye as your driving. The jaggies on white lines on track are bad this year too. (both of which were not present in last years game like it is this year) Quality mode didn't seem to bring it back to even last years standard I would hope all this will be getting sorted, but I seriously doubt it
  13. Yeah went into spectator/replay on Xbox Series X and felt like my console had been downgraded to a Xbox 360, I suppose the overheating this game causes on the XSX is certainly up there with it lol
  14. More than any other game in the series the cars are going airborne with no explanation, especially near kerbs. Im not complaining about the kerbs for spinning, I'm just talking about the actual weird physics that's going on. Here's a link and watch the Red bull hit a pretty flat section and it gets launched, no real aggressive kerb or camber it just takes off. I've seen this on multiple tracks in different races the cars seem to just 'jump' Never seen so many cars flying through the air doing barrel rolls either after hitting walls or other cars until this year, tons of videos on reddit showin
  15. Just answers to my posts and reading other answers on others peoples posts. And also lack of response thereof too. Like I said it's just my personal opinion, just like it is my personal opinion of the way the forum is going. The fact that you are white knighting reminds me exactly of that other forum where any complaint results in instant defence posts. Now is essentially the only time things can realistically be requested as the window for any real changes rapidly diminishes, the end of life cycle for development/changes on a yearly games such as this is pretty short.
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