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  1. TomAAA

    What sadistic ******* created Singapore?

    Anyone else annoyed they are keeping Spain as they have found a deal, but losing Hockenheim, Hockenheim provides better racing than Spain
  2. TomAAA

    [F1 2019] Two people ready up = game starts.

    You can make a private invite only or friends only lobby, you don't need to have this problem
  3. TomAAA

    Idea- Retiring in the pits

    wow didn't realise this was an issue. Is it only in League mode?
  4. TomAAA

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    Sounds good
  5. Cool, I knew there was something said about it
  6. They did say did they not they were looking into putting this into consoles, I'm sure its somewhere on here
  7. TomAAA

    Rookie Veteran Gauge

    Is it something to do with errors or failing objectives
  8. TomAAA

    Back to the future.

    Ive always thought a 'Legacy' career would be quite cool. a career spanning different eras would have been cool
  9. TomAAA

    Lagging players

    I found removing player name tags helped in some races but it gets pretty bad
  10. TomAAA

    Purchasing a Wheel

    If you are new to racing, and don't have a lot of time is the Thrustmaster TMX. It has force feedback and is officially supported, it's the best wheel for Xbox in a budget range. It is more expensive than you were looking to spend at around £180 but the difference in quality to the Hori is large. There are quite a few on eBay going just now 'buy it now' for about £105
  11. TomAAA

    F1 2010 Remake

    I don't think there would be enough market for that. It could only work in a future game career mode as some sort of start of a long term career mode or something
  12. Happened again for me today this time at Spain
  13. I drive with M.TC you get the same exact same issue, its not just for NA users. It's the new tyre model this year. While it has many better things about it, now when you spin the car the the tyres become crazy hot and end up like driving on ice afterwords. I spun the car at second last turn at Brazil with M.TC on and I literally could not get to the next corner, the car was undrivable, it just kept spinning out and diving all over the place. Just breathing on the throttle it was going crazy.
  14. Yeah i've noticed that too, its crazy distracting when it happens. Just this black shape comes flying at crazy speed across the top of the screen like an angry wasp in high speed
  15. Customisable hud would be cool on console