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  1. TomAAA

    Pit Release Trigger Point

    Yeah Monza and Bahrain exiting the pit is crazy you are fired at full speed into the braking zone
  2. THIS Would love to co-op on the same team in career
  3. The ability to set the weather/time of day leagues is sorely missed, you can do this in normal online race just not a league ones for some reason. Also the ability to save between sessions is what is keeping people away from leagues, as it means you have to do a whole race weekend in one sitting! We need these features in the next update, after all they were included in last years online championship mode, or how about we just get an online championship mode like last year?
  4. TomAAA

    Disappointed in audio F1 2019 game - Monaco

    Yeah the tunnel noise needs increased
  5. TomAAA

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    My favourite quote of the year marcel haha 😂
  6. @BarryBL Will this be implemented in a patch before Xmas? Quite a few people holding off getting the game at Xmas if its not there
  7. TomAAA

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Yeah game really needs the same features that were there in the 2018 online championship mode: Save between sessions Ability to change weather for each session Ability to set time of day for each session
  8. Do you have a setup to try, because many of us have tried multiple setups including the setups from the fastest time trials and the understeer is still there in this game compared to last year and other racing games
  9. Accroding to the press release Codemasters will be in charge of the direction of all games and studios. Also reading the press release It seems one of the reasons they bought SMS was because of the 'upcoming Hollywood game' I'm guessing that's the Fast & Furious movie game SMS are working on. Codies look like they want expand into movie franchise games now etc
  10. Says in shareholder press release or whatever it was online that Codemasters will own the studio, and they will focus on fun gameplay as other codemasters titles. They will call the shots SMS will do as there told it seems
  11. So they have the F1 licence until 2027 and the rally game in Dirt and now the Project Cars studio, Codemasters pretty much a racing game monopoly now
  12. TomAAA

    Brake Checking - AI and Online

    The problem is the AI when letting you past when you are the faster car, for example during qualifying or a blue flag decide to slow in the middle of the corner to let you past, the AI need programmed to only let you past before or after a corner rather than in the middle of it
  13. TomAAA

    Copymasters F1 2018 Copy

    They didn't copy all, they completely left out the online championship mode that was used by many, which still confuses and annoys many people
  14. Has anyone played Assetto Corsa and driven the 2017 Ferrari (which according to the test driver handles the same as in real life in that game) Does not have any of the understeer that is in this game. Setups don't even fix it in this game. If they just dialled the understeer of the 2019 cars back by about 20% it would be perfect
  15. TomAAA

    Reverse Grid Championship

    They removed the online championship option, so things like setting the weather, time of day, saving between sessions and reverse grid championship options, they all got removed for some reason. The largest thread on this forum is trying to get those features back. You should speak to @BarryBL about the features that are missing that you need back