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  1. TomAAA

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    Lets just make F1 95' (94' had the unpleasant Senna death, 96' its only Williams, but 95 had Williams and benneton competitive etc) Plus it had a few different tracks like Adelaide, Argentina etc Would be awesome
  2. TomAAA

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    Love the broadcast online earlier before it where Hulkenberg said he uses Med TC, as no assists feels nothing like an F1 car and like its on ice lol
  3. TomAAA

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    It would be awesome if we had a virtual championship, it would probably be more exciting than the actual season. As for the game I hope they just keep the full championship I can't see anyone buying the game this year for a season that has missing races or tracks, value for money trumps realism when it comes to buying a new game
  4. TomAAA

    Will we ever get weather in leagues?

    This sucks as 2018 had an online championship mode and ability to do change weather etc. It was stripped out of this years game and we won't be getting the option to even add weather to leagues in F1 2019, and will have to wait until the next game, that's poor for a major feature of a racing game
  5. @BarryBL Will there be a patch so we can have the option to set weather in leagues? Its kind of a big issue, so we don't just drive the same wether every single session every race
  6. TomAAA

    Neutral gear is incorrect in all F1 games by CM

    Yeah its so annoying catching a gear and going into neutral, it should be a separate button process like realise, but even then I can't think of a reason you would actually need the neutral gear in the game to be accessible by the user
  7. How about pre season testing in career, where you have a limited number of laps to try 3 upgrade concepts from the upgrade wheel (aero, engine, chassis) and you then pick one based on testing and it is applied to your car for the start of that season. The AI is applied a concept too and because of this and maybe rules changes etc you are either at an advantage or a disadvantage starting the season like real life.
  8. While I understand what your saying, the thing is this new level of bad AI did not happen in the 2018 online championship mode. The 2019 league mode the AI seem to be radically different. The league mode seems poor compared to last years Online championship mode. It feels as if the league mode is a complete beta, cannot change weather, took months to implement a save feature that does not work correctly etc. They should have kept the online championship mode in this game, I really hope the bring it back alongside league
  9. THIS. You cannot save full replays in the game so can't show every incident/behavior. We need online championship mode back from last year, since it went to the silly league system with no weather and other downgrades its not as good. F1 2018 is better
  10. TomAAA

    Codemasters please change ERS

    I like it, it provides another layer of strategy in races especially online, esports etc Its easier if you use a wheel, especially new wheel rims with thumb dials, you can also make/buy F1 wheel rims with thumb dials
  11. TomAAA

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    Its on the official F1 calendar so should be in the game whether it goes ahead or not. I would like to Hockenheim as an online only or special track though
  12. TomAAA

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Yes I agree online championship mode was best and Is needed for people who do not get a lot of time etc. Really need this mode back ASAP
  13. TomAAA

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Like a lot of us have been asking why did they remove Online championship mode, it was great. There is space to add it back in this game. They definitely need it back in the next game
  14. TomAAA


    Xbox has said no VR support on their new console, so CM might not think it is worth the effort of coding VR for PC and PS5