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  1. Currently when you assign a paddle or button as the clutch the clutch only holds the car and is usable on the grid in a race at the very start. Can we have the clutch enabled so we can use it anytime for example in practice, so we can perform practice starts, currently pressing the clutch outside of a race start does nothing
  2. TomAAA

    Mercedes on iR

    Love how you can change entry diff, mid diff, exit diff just how it should be instead of F1 2021 weird single diff setting
  3. @BarryBL Is it possible for the team to simply change the 'global colour' of the kerbs in Jeddah to Green/White instead of the Red/White they are in game right now so it matches the real track.
  4. Don't know if its related to this, but micro stuttering and jitter of the car in highlights/flashback/theatre mode with quality mode on is awful it never runs right on Xbox Series X, it looks terrible. I have made a separate fault report about it.
  5. In real life because of the crazy altitude there you can run much higher downforce there than is typical for that type of track because of the thinner air, as the top teams did this year. So in a sense intentional or not the downforce level is correct recent article of WTF1 about that race says "With less air for the car to push upwards, there is less air to push the car down to the track surface. You’ll see teams try to create maximum downforce on the cars by slapping huge front and rear wings onto them to help this scenario."
  6. Yeah thats what I meant to say in my original comment. The fact thats wrong changes the dynamic of the whole corner, its driven completely different in real life to the game
  7. If you watch this video of onboards you can see the radius is totally off while driving. At the 30 second mark...
  8. Console: Xbox Series X Game Version: 1.13 Mode Affected: Highlights/Theatre Mode (with game graphics set to Quality) Problem: When viewing highlights of a race the game frequently micro stutters and jitters it looks awful. This seems to be mainly with the Quality mode option on for graphics. The highlights are unwatchable
  9. Almost the same issue with Canada turn 3. In real life its around 40 degrees but in the game its a 90 degree kerb
  10. Yeah I already complained and put a report in about the rain drops its crazy bad in highlights, you don't get massive raindrops on the main tv cameras in real life for the entire time. Its even worse in photo mode you cant get rid of the massive blobs on screen either There are actually six cars here lol...
  11. On Xbox Series X HDR is weird too, its not right. Gameplay HDR is all over the place from not noticeable at all to eye bleedingly over exposed. This is even on a professionally calibrated HDR screen. Even capturing game clips of F1 2021 on Xbox and viewing them on HDR screen also shows massive artifacts in the HDR areas of the screen such as sky etc its a mess, and only clips from this game not last years. Something is totally wrong with HDR this year
  12. It's been asked for 3 years solid now. For some reason it falls on deaf ears. Have given up on co-op career with friend now as we had rain a lot in the first season in the second season we had just as much rain even on same tracks, cant believe in 2021 we don't have an option to manually set the weather
  13. The online highlights mainly show just lap 1 with maybe a move in the middle and then the chequered flag. In a 12 lap race I had 9 of those laps fighting with another car even wheel banging yet it did not show anything of it in in the highlights. Just the train of lap 1, a slow mo on lap 3 and then the chequered flag. Its like that almost very race. The highlights need an improvement in a patch and right now they feel worse than last years game
  14. Yeah, it was removed because people said the old system was too much micro management. But the joke is with the OT button it's just the same, it unrealistic using an OT button every lap. The key to the new OT button is to use it when the car straightens up on exit most corners for about 1 second and you will BEAT everyone. People try and save it all up for the 'big move' etc thats pointless, just use the OT button like the e-sports use to do with the 'high' mode and use it on exit of most corners briefly EVERY lap its too easy to exploit. Your idea for the new system seems much bet
  15. Yeah on Xbox using steering wheel and the understeer is the worst I've felt in any of the F1 games. Setups don't alleviate it that much in 2021 with the wheel. I also wonder if the brake system is somehow also deeply tied into to the handling model as a whole, I've noticed a lot of setups drifting back towards the silly everything 50%
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