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  1. TomAAA

    Does the engine sound change with the supplier?

    Wow that's sucks if that's true, maybe a bug?
  2. Console: Xbox One X Version: V1.2 Accessories: Thrustmaster TX, Gamepad, 4K HDR TV Game Mode: Grand Prix, Time Trial, Online Issue: At Bahrain & Abu Dhabi, Singapore all Night Races / dark time of day, the flood lights flicker so much its distracting and nauseating. The sky is also pixellated in the centre, I have attached video at Abu Dhabi of flickering track lights and also a screen shot of where the sky is pixellated What I tried: Multiple restarts, reinstalled game twice and tried other TV's, tried turning rear mirror off also all with same result Flickering_Night_Problem.mp4
  3. TomAAA

    Lighting and shadows downgrade on foliage

    Anyone actually ran Bahrain or Abu Dhabi at night in 4k HDR? The sky is pixellated and the track lights flicker like crazy its really bad Wasn't like this in 2019
  4. Except after every session the giant podium pass progress screen is in your face showing you what your next unlock is etc Not to mention most of the issue with this years game are related to the online communication issues relating to podium pass
  5. TomAAA

    I love this game

    As a massive F1 series & Codies fan, I have to say out of the F1 games released this is the buggiest out of the past 5 years, its more buggy than the beta. It's annoying that quite a lot of issues seem to stem from the now 'always online' for the podium pass they have added, which is in your face after every session. Also things that have been working fine in the game over the past 3 years such as MFD Header, percentage ranking in time trial, Jeff etc are broken/missing which is even stranger. I worry that a lot of focus has been tilted to the new grindy loot box system
  6. TomAAA

    Lighting and shadows downgrade on foliage

    Unfortunately on Xbox One X with HDR enabled you can't edit the settings to stop it looking washed out like you can on PC As for 'pop up' 'lod' issues yeah it seems worse this year. Monza is a good example as you head up to Turn 1, the large glass tower that floats above the track on the left, the glass etc starts loading up as you drive under it
  7. Happened to me on Xbox One X, but unfortunately xbox does not have any error reporting log system
  8. TomAAA

    F12020 vs AC comparison vid

    Cool video showing F1 2020 next to the Assetto Corsa mod. The sound in F1 2020 has been improved, but the rumble and exhaust pop in Assetto corsa is amazing
  9. TomAAA

    Turn off MFD header?

    By going into the OSD Customisation and turning off the panel, it gets rid of the mfd header but also the rpm gauge also, so that's no good. We need the option back to disable MFD Header Only, it was in 2019 and also in the beta
  10. Console: Xbox One X Version: 1.2 Accessories: Thrustmaster TX, Surround Sound 5.1, Running TV in 4k HDR Mode: All modes Online / Offline Issue: The virtual mirror is much lower FPS than everything else on screen, when running 4k HDR 60fps on Xbox One X the virtual mirror appear to be at least 20fps behind What I tried: Restarting game, changing modes all resulted in the same low fps
  11. Console: Xbox One X Version: 1.2 Accessories: Thrustmaster TX, Surround Sound 5.1 Mode: All modes Online / Offline Issue: The pit crew come out of the garage as you drive in to the pitlane in race for an unscheduled pitstop in an almost "fast forward" animation its comedically fast, the biggest example was an unscheduled pit stop at Zandvoort Issue: The helicopter flies very low almost hitting cars and ultra fast
  12. Console: Xbox One X Version: 1.2 Accessories: Thrustmaster TX, Surround Sound 5.1 Mode: All modes Online / Offline Issue 1: There are multiple sound drop outs where the game sound gets lower while driving. It's as if the main sound for the game is lowered on engine and ancillary sound effects are raised like gearshift, kerbs etc. It affected every mode but was repeatable every time around at T1 at Brazil Issue 2: The overall volume of the game while driving/racing is lower and so you turn the sound up to try and compensate, but when the race ends and goes to commentary screen the volume of commentators voice is excessively loud as it is a different level to the game. What I tried: Checked my sound system was working correctly it was, tried multiple restarts of game, nothing worked Issue 3: Jeff is missing from races and when he tries to talk for example when you ask a question the sound cuts out What I tried: Checked my sound system was working correctly it was, tried multiple restarts of game, nothing worked
  13. The handling model is great this year but it handles so well that tyre wear/damage becomes less of a factor. As the tyres get older you can still push hard, I went 17 laps of an 18 lap race on reds without any real handling change. On softs / mediums in 25% or 50% races, after 35% tyre wear there is no real handling change the car should be harder to drive and push harder without sliding. There is a 'time' change as in slower but not a real handling change. Also I set fastest laps round Austria on with a bright yellow damage front wing missing left side and didn't notice I had damage. I think the tyre wear / damage needs tweaked to affect the handling of the car more
  14. A perfect example of the game lighting needing tweaked as it is making the 2020 game look terrible. Here is the same corner and settings notice the 2020 tarmac and car has totally lost colour and detail compared to 2019 due to over powerful lighting issue
  15. TomAAA

    Lighting and shadows downgrade on foliage

    @BarryBL I have found the cause of what people are blaming on the downgrade. It is making the game look bad when you come from F1 2019, its a lighting issue. I have put in a bug report on the correct page also. Here is good example of the 2020 game looking washed out and killing detail, it is not an issue with settings or tv etc its hardcoded in the game. A lighting fix is needed as can be seen from comparing the two there is a total loss of colour and detail on the track tarmac and the car, all the exact same settings/time etc. Can also be seen in the video above in the showroom with Ferrari. This is why people are comparing about graphics compared to last years game