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  1. TomAAA

    Bring the MFD Header option back

    Still bumping this as the MFD Header switched on does not look good when recording races for YouTube etc. @BarryBL Any news on when we can expect the option to turn off the MFD Header like we had in 2019 and the 2020 beta
  2. TomAAA

    Steering Wheel LED Lights Incorrect

    I reported this issue way back on July 7th....
  3. TomAAA

    Audio accessibility and quality of life feedback

    Can we have an option for commentary audio volume. When you come to the end of the race etc and Crofty starts speaking its deafening, its so loud, much louder than the in game volume. A slider for commentary volume would be good or even if you can just decrease crofty and Davidsons overall audio level
  4. TomAAA

    Any news on the Neutral button

    Pretty annoyed that they have said isn't going to be sorted, it has been requested for 2 years now and also frequently in this years beta. So annoying at places like the hairpin at Monaco or accidentally knocking it down and going into neutral. Even just add some extra delay between 1st and neutral to prevent this happening like PCars2 etc
  5. TomAAA

    Any news on the Neutral button

    @BarryBL Giving this a bump as its still a nightmare at corners like the hairpin at Monaco
  6. Platform: Xbox One X Game Version: V1.05 Accessories used: Thrustmaster TS XW, Gamepad Game Mode: All Game Modes Issue: The new podium pass helmets from season 2 e.g lightening, rays etc Keep unequipping on the player as in race it reverts to a basic black and white crash helmet. I paid for a new crash helmet from the store but if I change logo or try to use it it always reverts back to the basic black/white crash helmet, I have heard from other users the same thing. What you tried to resolve: Tried multiple times to equip and change settings. Uninstalled/reinstalled game twice same result
  7. TomAAA

    Turn off MFD header?

    @BarryBL Any info when this option will be added back in, its highly useful, still not in latest patch
  8. TomAAA

    Play as yourself in championship mode

    This has been requested also the abilty to se the cars to equal and as well as letting us use any car in time trial to set a fast lap (as usual the Merc is the fastest so have to use that) These have all been requested for the past 3 years now
  9. TomAAA

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    This. Its dull as dishwater in real life the racing and we've got the same performance for yet another season as its locked (what a silly idea) Mercedes could have at least given Hamilton a decent team mate so we could have an actual title fight. Ive never understood the people that try to justify watching the races by saying yeah we all know who is going to win but oh the midfield battles are good, that's like watching a football match knowing who is going to win and saying you enjoy watching the players who don't have the ball and have no bearing on the match
  10. TomAAA

    Suggestion: DLC packs > microtransactions

    Yep no pitstops also can't even drive out in practice from the pitlane you are dropped onto track. Has weather cycle but the tyres 'magically' change for you. Looking at the graphics of the gameplay video of PC3 in an indycar at Laguna Seca the graphics seem the same just they've splattered the place with PC3 logos plus they cleverly removed the really ugly HUD/UI from the video too
  11. TomAAA

    Suggestion: DLC packs > microtransactions

    On the topic of PC2, what do you think about the looming disaster that is PC3?
  12. TomAAA

    Hanoi as a Night Race

    I know Hanoi is a controversial track for a lot of people. But one thing about it is that it looks rather sterile but I think if the option was added to change time of day to 'night' like they added to Monaco would make Hanoi a lot more interesting and add a new dynamic
  13. TomAAA

    Suggestion: DLC packs > microtransactions

    I would gladly pay for Hockehiem and Sepang as they would be both usable in F1 2020 as Hockehiem was in F1 2019 and Sepang was in F1 2017, so they are both usable with the current game engine and could be slotted in.
  14. TomAAA

    Must be signed into Xbox Live

    I am having the exact same issue as this user, I have quoted their bug report as it would be identical to my bug report even same screenshot
  15. Platform: Xbox One X Game Version: V1.05 Accessories used: Thrustmaster TS XW, Gamepad Game Mode: Theatre replay / Photo Mode Issue: When viewing replays and taking photos with the photo mode they are made less like a replay or tv coverage because in the top left corner it frequently says "communicating with online services" it means when you take screenshots the look ugly What you tried to resolve: Restarted game multiples times, checked internet connecting which is ultra fast fibre so its fine. Here is an example of a photo it ruins it with that message in top left corner