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  1. It would be good if they would get real F1 teams involved with handling and design of the cars, to get a more accurate representation. iRacing just announced today a new partnership with Mercedes F1 to co design the F1 car for iRacing “We have been working closely with iRacing since the start of 2021 to bring the W12 life in iRacing’s virtual environment,” said James Vowles, Motorsport Strategy Director, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team. “The intent was to create as accurate a representation of W12 as possible from a performance and driving perspective. Throughout the proc
  2. I believe this is track ir which follows your head via infra red to simulate vr a little. https://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/
  3. @Neilrs60 Really nice idea, would help a lot dialling in a setup.
  4. No comment from Dieter yet on that. Although his article about the 'trucks' F1 drivers will soon be racing is interesting LOL Crazy how heavy they are getting and maybe needing to go even heavier. First these regs were meant to be 768, then 775 now 790kg isn't enough. I remember the 2010 cars going to the 'beastly' weight of 620kg LOL
  5. True but the calendar has been reported on by some well known F1 journalists
  6. From the provisional calendar that's been leaked Portimao and Imola are off the calender next year, which is a shame as there fun tracks to drive due to elevations changes etc and most likely won't be in the game next year. We get the Miami track that's literally built in a flat car park 🤮
  7. Tyre deg/overheating and performance loss is a little off. In 25% league races with good drivers everyone just keeps the softs on until a few laps from the end lap 16/18, no point in changing. a 16 lap old soft is miles better than a brand new Medium
  8. Only classic cars were allowed to be used on those tracks not the current season cars of that year.
  9. One of the best things about this years handling model is you can 'catch' or 'save' the car now compared to previous games, and watching real life onboards the game is actually pretty accurate in the way you can save it this year. I hope when the handling model update comes in October we can still do this and its not affected by the update
  10. F1 won't allow it. To host a real GP you have to pay F1/FOM a massive fee etc, F1 won't allow a track that does not pay them to host a race the free exposure to have the official game and this seasons F1 cars drive around it. They could maybe get around it by having classic cars drive around non official circuits but F1 won't allow the official game and official current seasons cars to drive around tracks that have not coughed up for a real GP first
  11. Just looking at the awesome reshade mod for F1 2021 how I wish we could have it on the console, looks awesome The VR mod is awesome too
  12. We still cannot set or adjust weather in league races, so if we get multiple rain sessions we can't change it so it becomes monotonous, weather settings has been a suggestion for 3 years now for leagues. Also in Co-op career if you get the same weather each race etc you can't change it either. @RedDevilKT Can we have the option to set the weather in Co-Op career and League races as its been much requested
  13. @BarryBL Is there an ETA on the Keyboard support being re added to Xbox. It's been 7 weeks since I was able to use all the buttons on my wheel to control the game as it uses the keyboard protocol. Maybe will have to consider refund
  14. Still seems a bit of an overcharge for the game state currently at that price.....
  15. Thought some people would enjoy some ingame footage view of the new Helmet cam (although its Assetto Corsa, In case anyones interested Assetto now has a full championship mod now for F1)
  16. I hope its not intentional as then wheel users are at a disadvantage as you can control it on the throttle of the controller, yet on the wheel pedals its an uncontrollable linear constant
  17. There's a multiplayer? So that's what behind the error and crash screen timeouts, Error code NS7, ND7, disconnects etc I guess
  18. @BarryBL Will Keyboard support be added back in to Xbox in patch 1.10 as I still cannot use buttons on my wheel as it uses the keyboard protocol
  19. THIS. And the high pitch engine blast sound as the F1 logo appears on screen between each session/load into car its so grating
  20. Been asked for 4 years now. Like every post on the 'Suggestions' forum, waste of time
  21. TomAAA


    The fact that this is a two page topic with people still arguing over it, combined with the fact that Lando famously laughed at the camber screen in game, he couldn't figure it out, says all you need to. They should have made that screen more intuitive to use. Then again we've had the same car setup screen and basic setup arrangement for the car for over 5 years now, it is severely lacking
  22. Yet another thing that was stripped away for no obvious reason
  23. TomAAA


    Its and official 2022 track so it will be in the official 2022 under the licence. Can't say im that excited about a flat track in a carpark. About as exciting as the proposed Qatar track which is a flat as a pancake version of Bahrain
  24. You make a good point, I think this is because the tyres this year are still too lenient and easy to manage. You can still over drive too easy. Rather than go bonkers and change the handling model, I would rather they tweak things like tyre deg and overheating to make it encourage more 'realistic' driving than every lap being like time trial lap. In the league I race in for example no matter the race distance the current consensus is its far too easy to extend and push the tyres far beyond what you should so even strength goes out the window, and these are really fast drivers.
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