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  1. nowi90

    REQ: Save AI difficulty per track

    Just save your difficulty level in the setup name for every track.
  2. One must not forget, at times when it was not self-evident that one was connected to the Internet, there were no patches. Back then, the games had to be as flawless as possible. It's madness as a matter of course and therefore more and more mistakes are included in games. To be honest, this kind of thing should be forbidden or punished. After all, we pay a lot of money every year for a game which is still not really playable 2 to 3 months after release.
  3. It's just sad how CM is way to pass on information to the players.
  4. Maybe both patches will be packed into one. I think I can remember that this has happened in previous cases.
  5. nowi90

    Unrealistic simulation of quali

    I hope that this bug will finally be fixed. He was in the last game and is still there.