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  1. yup. I have the same issue with G29 - I restarted G-Hub a few times and it started work correctly. But I reported this bug to logitech, because I think that's their fault
  2. Barry said that the update fixing bugs will be released, but nobody knows, or nobody wants to say when...
  3. Barry said that the devs fixed it, and fix will be released with the next patch. But when the next patch will be released? Nobody knows. It's also annoying for me, because this bug also is game breaking for me, and I don't play this game since this bug appeared, and I will not, untill the patch will be released.
  4. Yes. I reported it just after the game was released. And a few guys reported it too, but the devs just ignored that.
  5. I think, they are working on a new podium pass stuff more than on the patch, because the patch will not give them money. On the thread about next patch, nobody answers the question "when patch will be released" so I think, it will be released in very very long time, if it ever will be. But that's only my opinion, and I really want to be wrong.
  6. I am also waiting for the update, and I stopped playing this game, because of the F2 qualifying bug, which is still not patched since the end of november, when it appeared first time! And the full race replays bug, which I reported short after the game was released, and my, and few other reports of this bug were just ignored by the devs. I don't know how to describe my anger about this, becouse it looks like the support just doesn't exist. I want to play the F1 game, and buy next iterations, but I'm not sure I want to buy another so buggy game which only annoys me. And in the thread about
  7. I think, that this discussion will not make any affect to the patch release date. That's sad, but they will focus on podium pass things, or any microtransaction things, because it will bring them money, updating the game will not. The only way to tell codies, that we don't like it that way, is to NOT BUY next years game. But I'm not sure that will work. Maybe when people will not buy this game, they rather will stop making any F1 games, than listen to players. That's sad, but true.
  8. I think they prefer to sell more podium pass things, instead of fixing bugs, because it pays off more... F1 game EAfication is in progress now...
  9. The F2 Official website says: So yes, now I understand what you mean. No one should get the fastest lap point if FL was made by the driver outside top 10
  10. I think you have to be 10th or higher to get a fastest lap point
  11. That's why I stopped playing this game. Almost no info about releasing of the bug fixes, even those bugs that make this game unplayable. It will be ready when it will be ready. We are waiting for patch fixing this bug almost for a month! (since it was reported for the first time), and still no info when it will be ready. I don't know how to call it.
  12. It was reported many times, it will be fixed in the next patch, but nobody knows, or nobody wants to tell us when it will be released. Personally I think it will be in january, but I can be wrong.
  13. I reported this issue a few months ago, but codies have done nothing with that. They just ignored that bug report, so I don't think it would be reapired any time.
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