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  1. FishyScales

    F1 2020 Motor Sound

    Agreed on the deceleration. One of the few nice things that stood out to me when the V6 era started was the rumbling growl as the cars were coming down through the gears, especially from the Renaults, and Codies just haven't been able to capture that, ever. On the game the car just sounds quite pedestrian under deceleration. There's also zero variety in engine noises. It just has the samey, flat sound with little character which is fine in the beginning but after a hundred hours it's painfully obvious that the engine just loops the exact same sound.
  2. FishyScales

    F1 2019 horrible pricing depending on Platform

    What UP100 said. Also console games are more expensive than on PC across the entire industry.
  3. FishyScales

    Classic auto bug with sound !

    I run with traction control off in the settings so it only comes from these particular cars. I'm fairly sure traction control enabled through the settings on a car that normally lacks TC doesn't produce any sound effect. But it's been a while since I used traction control as an assist from the settings. F1 2018 traction control sounded more like in the real-life video I linked (after it was fixed). It's as though the game is trying to play that sound effect but something goes wrong so the sound is just garbled instead. It might be a compat issue but every single video I've found has that same issue so I think the problem occurs across any machine including consoles. This is a video from what I believe is patched F1 2018: It's hard to pick up any additional noise at all in this clip, but at least it doesn't have the binary white noise. It's possible the fix was to simply remove the sound effect altogether because it didn't play nice with the rest of the audio or something. This is pre-patch on F1 2018: In this video you can clearly hear the same white noise as in the clip with the Williams on F1 2019. You also hear the same sound every time he shifts up like I mentioned (although that particular issue is not present on F1 2019, it was only in 2018).
  4. FishyScales

    Classic auto bug with sound !

    Hi @BarryBL and thanks for getting back! Correct, as I pointed out this is related to traction control. However, there's clearly an audio glitch happening here. Traction control doesn't sound like white noise, but on F1 2019 it is this binary noise that just switches on and off where the *actual* traction control sound is supposed to be played. Again, this bug was present, acknowledged by Codies and fixed in F1 2018. It's the same issue as far as I can tell (on F1 2018 there was also a similar or even identical audio glitch on upshift that was also fixed). Here is a real-life video with traction control sound: And here is the 2003 Williams FW25 in F1 2019: That is 100% a bug and not by design.
  5. FishyScales

    Classic auto bug with sound !

    I reported this bug months ago but no one even answered despite this actually being a returning bug that was fixed in F1 2018 and then back again in F1 2019. The issue has to do with the sound glitching out whenever traction control kicks in when shifting up through the lower gears. This is why the issue only surfaces with the specific cars mentioned by Alex (i.e. they all have traction control). Any youtube video with gameplay showing the 2003 Williams, 2004 Ferrari, 2006 Renault or 2007 Ferrari will demonstrate the issue which is a kind of grating static white noise on throttle coming out of slower corners. I reiterate, there was a fix in 2018 so it's reasonable to expect the issue would be relatively easy to fix on 2019.
  6. FishyScales

    Classic cars TC audio glitch from 2018 is back

    I see this issue has gone unnoticed over a couple of patches. Since this issue was actually fixed on the previous game, surely it should be a relatively easy fix to nail down for F1 2019?
  7. Whenever traction control activates on the classic cars (2003 Williams, 2004 Ferrari, 2006 Renault and 2007 Ferrari?), there is this white noise glitch that was present back in F1 2018 (and 2017?) as well. On 2018 this issue was patched out but here on F1 2019 it's resurfaced. Check any video of the classic cars on Youtube for F1 2019 and you'll hear it. @Faya @issueskid