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  1. blakeymikey

    Another developer

    Maybe i shouldnt put this up but having seen the bathurst 12hr on iracing and not seeing any bugs does anyone think that the iracing developers should take over from codies maybe. Think they could do a really good job.
  2. blakeymikey

    Preseason Testing in Career Mode

    Yeah i agree. Get rid of time trial and add testing mode. Im planning on testing next week on championship mode so im ready for everything. Will use the gp mode with 3rd practice to get a feel for the game so i know what to expect.
  3. blakeymikey

    F1 2018 game testing

    So as the real f1 start testing i also will start testing the game ahead of my own championship starting in march. I will be driving the ferrari this year and have planned 8hrs of testing as especailly in this game there is new stuff to learn with ers and the tyre temps. Will be using a controller as i cant afford a rig yet due to the usual bills but does anyone have any tips for me. Im on level 90 again this year as i failed to the title on the 17 game on same level. So want to make sure im ready to give myself the best chance. So any advice will be appreciated.