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  1. blakeymikey


    Ok Have my race in singapore very shortly and start 6th on the grid even tho i got pole but had a grid penalty for some reason but anyway my strategy is that im underfueled by 3 laps and im not sure if i go with that as that is a lot of fuel saving so do i change it or leave it. In quali it was only a tenght in it.
  2. blakeymikey

    Problème F1 2020 avec volant g920

    Lee mather is shocking
  3. blakeymikey

    A.i in france 2019 game.

    Glad im not the only one. Especially as in canada i won that race all on level 95. Oh well shame as im well off the title hunt. Austria next weekend then and see if im back on the pace again.
  4. blakeymikey

    F1® 2020 | Pre-Season Testing

    Yeah i do the same. I play championship mode and use practice 3 as my test sessions and do 8hrs. 1hr per for 8 days of testing. Altho this will be reduced to 6 hrs for the 2020 game when i start playing it next year. But would be great if they could put it in the game.
  5. blakeymikey

    A.i in france 2019 game.

    has anyone had problems in france with the a.i pace. Having won the race in canada on level 95 and then going to france on same level and there pace was ridiculous. Especailly when in the 2018 game i won the race on level 90 and also codies do seem to have upped the levels within the levels on the 19 game. Not good i say.