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  1. blakeymikey

    Tyre carcass temps.

    Were u using controller tho. Only got 2 days now to decide as i start practice 1 on thursday unless i can change in between race within the championship.
  2. blakeymikey

    My F1 Game wishlist (2019)

    I start my world championship on the 17th as i mimic the real thing and what i did to practice was use gp mode and used the practice 90 minute but only did an hr but 8 times over the course of 2 weeks. Yes the same day as the official testing and yes in spain lol. And in total i did 201 laps and tested the tyre temps then ontp the ers then i did a 55 lap race stint and then the 8th and final hr did quali sims on all tyres. So there is alway a place to test elements of the game
  3. blakeymikey

    Tyre carcass temps.

    So since the last patch update (1.16) has it made any difference. I have tested for 8hrs in spain and before the update the front left was around 107 on mediums but after the update the temps went down to about 103/4 but i start my world championship on 100% on the 17th march with xbox one x with controller and i want to know to i have a go or do i switch it off. Any help i will appreciate cos i dont want to end up struggling.