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  1. A few issues I noticed today: 1) Rev Lights are STILL inverted on Fanatec hardware? 2) Handbrake still acts like an on/off switch (no full analog axis) 3) No dash cameras only arcade style bonnet cam (lol) 4) No Tarmac / road feel / steering resistance through FFB 5) No UDP out for telemetry / dash apps like other dirt games etc from over 15 years ago (lol) 6) 1) Rev Lights are STILL inverted on Fanatec hardware? (I posted this one twice as it's utterly laughable) 7) No steam workshop support like this games predecessor and other codices games 8) NO VR 9) No way to mod skins into DLC cars as they have been encrypted (lol) 10) No way to RESET CAREER MODE or START A FRESH CAREER (lol) Apologists... in 3...2...1 Comeon codies this is embarrassing for 2019 title from triple A company. We have single bedroom developers creating magic like KartKraft and you lot can't even get the rev lights to work the right way since launch (lol) it was was a change in the SDK and you haven't updated it yet... get a move on!