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  1. Esa Ahonen

    DiRT Rally

    @PJTierney I wanted to try Dirt Rally 1.0 after a while. But I can't connect to RaceNet. Can't enter Leagues and no community delta visible. Seems that I'm not the only one. I haven't seen any info that DR1 isn't supported anymore?
  2. Esa Ahonen

    Any way to turn off auto-exposure?

    Agree. It's horrible. I understand only serious bug fixes get now made to DR2.0. I'd say this is a serious bug for VR users. There are occasions when everything is so blown out you can't really see where you're going.
  3. Esa Ahonen

    DR2 website

    Hi I can't get to Dirt Rally 2.0 website. It seems like login doesn't work and after that it returns the 404 page. Only one try out of like 30 went through and I could get to clubs page. But even then it wouldn't fetch the results for an event. It's been like this since yesterday. I've tried clearing the cookies to force a new login but that doesn't help either.
  4. Esa Ahonen

    Clubs website functionality

    Clubs website has been suffering from short auto-logout time for a long time. Now for some time you can't anymore refresh the page and hit login button in upper right corner. You have to go to the front page and select Clubs from Community menu. Every single time. @PJTierney have you changed the website not to allow refreshing the page after auto-logout? It seems so and it's really frustrating when you try to check on club race being run. I figure you have had some performance problems with the website but making it this hard to use isn't the way to fix them.
  5. Esa Ahonen

    Clubs website

    Thank you for your answer. I'd really like to see it fixed. The Club feature is actually quite nice. About the Accounts site: I had a lot of trouble logging into this forum site at first. Maybe it uses the same login.
  6. Esa Ahonen

    Clubs website

    @PJTierney Any info on this? Driving these club events is really hard as there are connectivity issues in game and website practically doesn't work at all. It's really just trying and trying in vain to see the results from web. And super short autologout doesn't help either. It's hard to tell when you've been logged out and when the website just doesn't want to show the results. Also: where can I find info how the Championship points are calculated?
  7. Esa Ahonen

    Clubs website

    Hi I was recently invited to a club and I've been driving few events. But the Clubs webpage is borderline unusable. I can get to results like 1 out of 10 times. Otherwise it's "Failed to load content" or "SORRY, THERE IS NO DATA FOR THIS EVENT". No matter what I do, logout/login back again or just refresh or what, it's just the same. Tonight also entering the Club in game gave some errors and I was uncertain if my results had been uploaded to server. Would help if one could check that from the website but... Is this really how it is all the time or is it just a temporary problem?
  8. Esa Ahonen

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 Bug Reports

    I got it sorted out. Update to 1.9 had binded my G25 gas/brake (they are not even connected) that hadn't been binded earlier. That made the mess. I had only checked that my CSPv3 pedals work right. Now that it's working right: 206 and Wales - Wow!
  9. Esa Ahonen

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 Bug Reports

    I was driving in Freeplay so I figure teams etc. shouldn't affect? Uphill was only one example. Also at the downhill and straight after the gate (see image) I can't get higher than 3rd gear. Car just doesn't accelerate like it should flat out. On DR1 you can get to 5th or 6th gear depending a bit on ratios. (Note: image is not mine and not from the same car, I just picked it out to show the place I mean)
  10. Esa Ahonen

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 Bug Reports

    PC/Steam i7 6700K / 1070 Deluxe G25/CSPv3 Pedals + Oculus Rift Tried 206 and Focus 2007 at Pant Mawr Reverse. It feels like something is slowing me artificially down. I mean it feels like I'm not fully on gas even though I have my foot to the floor. These cars can't be dying on uphill with 2nd gear, right? I should be hitting the limiter, not slowing down. I have every aid off and controllers are working right. These problems seem to be on the same spots every time. On other parts of the course cars accelerate normally.