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  1. And once again the clubs website doesn't load at all. No menus or anything, it just keeps on loading with black background. Fix it please. I've also recently noticed weird short freezes in-game at menus. I wonder if the game is communicating with server also in some other spots than obvious? It just freezes for a moment and then you can continue.
  2. I'm trying to be patient here but once again can't get to clubs on the website. It's getting really hard to race in DR2 currently.
  3. Yep. Now I can get in too. But for last 2-3 hours no.
  4. Ok, I hope it gets better. But currently I can't get to my clubs at all so there's something wrong just right now.
  5. Hei @PJTierney In last 2 weeks the clubs website has practically been unusable more than usable. How it malfunctions varies a bit but usually you just can't see results. That is you can load the club page but when you go to race results it's this: Or this (when there certainly are results): Very rarely refreshing and refreshing the page will give you results. But usually nothing helps. So you just can't follow the club race you've participated in. Other thing is that quite often when finishing a stage in club race your time doesn't appear on post stage results
  6. I believe not many of users experiencing this come here and complain. But I've heard a lot about these crashes on Discord. It could still be something content related but also be affected by your graphics settings or video settings. But I'm just guessing here. It'd be great if this was inspected thoroughly. There's still huge amount of action on DR2. I've done verifying files, nothing found. In this period that I've experienced these crashes I believe I've only updated Nvidia and Fanatec drivers. Either one haven't caused any problems previously. But of course they can't be ruled ou
  7. Yep. But since the game itself is same as before it must be either some dynamic content or servers, right? And isn't the stage loaded before you go into the service area? So if there's something weird coming in dynamically it could cause the game to crash when loading? Maybe like textures too large or with wrong aspect ratio. Just guessing but something must've changed.
  8. Humm. Ghost as in leaderboard or old pb ghosts? Are they some sort of caches? And where are those files? I have selected other ghosts to compare very rarely. Maybe like 10 times ever.
  9. Hi @PJTierney This issue is really happening. I'm hearing the same in about every rally discord now. Something must have changed in Codemasters end be it the servers or some dynamic content that gets loaded into game during the race. At least in my case my system is just as it used to be and no problems on other sims or in OS general. And it's pretty unlikely that all of those who are experiencing CTD's have somehow broken their systems at the same time.
  10. I've been experiencing quite a lot of CTD's during club races. Usually these happen at the moment when the next stage should start loading. Luckily the stage times are then usually saved. But sometimes the game crashes mid stage too and then the time is missing and you get a that 15 or 30 minutes of penalty in the end time. I've also experienced 1-2 sec screen freezes (Oculus Rift S, Steam version) in club races. That's enough to ruin your race because it seems that car is actually moving even though the HMD doesn't update. Both of these issues are something that didn't happen before
  11. @PJTierney I haven't been able to get to website at all after yesterdays race. I don't even know if my stage times were saved since there were error messages through the race and after the last stage. You have lots of DR2 users still using the sim. And to my experience the most common topic on any DR2 series Discord are Racenet problems. This is really not acceptable.
  12. Hi It worked yesterday but today again big difficulties to continue to next stage on club race. And website doesn't give any results.
  13. Today the game first said no club data available and I couldn't enter the clubs. Then I later got into clubs but lots of trying to get to next stage in event. Also leaderboards were empty in race. And now the Clubs website doesn't show results. This is very common lately. @PJTierney Is there any hope this will get better?
  14. @PJTierney I wanted to try Dirt Rally 1.0 after a while. But I can't connect to RaceNet. Can't enter Leagues and no community delta visible. Seems that I'm not the only one. I haven't seen any info that DR1 isn't supported anymore?
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