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  1. The REV Lights aren't supported by Xbox's peripheral protocol. In general the Xbox protocol is limited compared to PS4, and ofc even more compared to PC. But tbh, I myself have migrated from Xbox to PC, and I'd rather turn off the REV lights, theyre not rly that helpful. I prefer the game's OSD rev and speedometer which also highlights gear shifting timing. And yea, get a round wheel!!
  2. So this issue started recently, seemingly after the Kit Car addition. What happens is I load any rally stage, the car the wont go anywhere when pressing the pedal. (after the handbrake initialization) The car is sort of locked in place. Whats weird is that the car engine will rev up, so the game registers the input from the Fanatec just fine. Checking the inputs in settings I see that the handbrake is properly calibrated. The fix Ive found is somewhat cumbersome. I have to turn off the Fanatec, start up a normal Xbox controller, engage handbrake, then during the 5 sec countdown, turn off Xbox controller, then turn on Fanatec, and then it works. But only until loading a new stage, then I have to do the whole routine again... System: X1X with Fanatec CSL elite. The Fanatec works just fine in menus and input calibration, the issue seems to be specific to right after a stage is loaded...