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  1. Ehhh I get what you're saying, but it's less about the assists and more about just not knowing how racing works. I'm new to the F1 series, and still use all of the assists as I get used to how racing online works. I'm level 19 (so however many races that may be) and have an S safety rating. Me using all of the assists doesn't mean I don't know how to leave room for someone through a corner. Bad racers are just bad racers, assists or not.
  2. community@codemasters.com
  3. @RedDevilKT Almost. My skill rating was about 100 less than it was previously, but it's negligible I suppose. My safety rating was correct.
  4. I was finally able to play a ranked match again, and after doing the 5 "placement" matches again, got my skill and safety rating back.
  5. PS4, PSN: baxnet1, 1815 EST July 9
  6. I completed an online ranked race today in F1 2019, on my PS4 (PSN baxnet1). Upon finishing, I exited B-class and was promoted to A (97%). I left the lobby after the race, purchased a multiplayer car, and then attempted to bring up my license. When trying to view my license afterwards, it would simply flash on the screen and wouldn’t show the license. This has happened before and the only thing that fixes it is closing the program and restarting it. When the game started again, my skill and safety rating were gone. My level is the same (18), but both my skill and safety ratings show the blank diamond as if I’ve not done my placement races, and it says “placement”. My multiplayer credits are also the same as they were prior to logging out. Because of this, I’m guessing, I also can’t play any ranked matches - it takes me to a session with no one else in it and has me select a track, and no one else ever joins. I’ve tried this multiple times. Another account on this same PS4 doesn’t have this issue, they are able to see their ratings and start ranked matches. How can I get my ratings back?