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  1. Hi, DarkSuLL as bn880 wrote you have to read the first page of this thread to interpret this data. As example: On the first page you can read, that each packet has a packet header. In the description for the packet header, you see, that the first value is: uint16 m_packetFormat; uint16 are 2 bytes. And the data are in Little Endian. Your first bytes are: 228 -> E4 hex 07 -> 07 hex Because of First Endian the value for the Packet-Format is: 07E4 hex -> 2020 dec Kind regards, Mark
  2. DarkSuLL, you have to read the packet byte for byte, here my Java-Code for the first values: public int readOneByteIntoInt(byte[] bytes, int index) { if (bytes != null) { int value = 0; value += (bytes[index] & 0x000000FF); return value; } return INVALID_DATA; } public long readTwoBytesIntoLong(byte[] bytes, int index) { if (bytes != null) { long value = 0; value += (bytes[index+1] & 0x000000FF) << 8; value += (bytes[index] & 0
  3. Thank you, yes it is. Kind regards, Mark
  4. @ThibaudPHP Please could you check, if there is also a event for clearing penalties? I get only penalties like this: Event: PENA Details: PenaltyType: 1 InfringementType: 17 VehicleIdx: 19 OtherVehicleIdx: 255 Time: 5 LapNum: 1 PlacesGained: 0 After this "speeding in pitlane" I don't get another event if I clear the penalty by pitting again in the next lap. So my problem still exists: I am not able to see the correct penalties during the race. :o( Kind regards, Mark
  5. @Hoo With yesterdays update we can see the penalty in the ingame-HUD (as example speeding in the pitlane). Will this fixed now also in the telemetry-data?
  6. @Hoo Are there plans to work on this UPD-issues? For me it is still important to have the correct penalties in seconds. And here are a lot of other problems written that could be fixed. Kind regards, Mark
  7. Hi, I think not all penalties are stored in m_penalties. And if I clear a penalty in the pit I am not able to get this information. Could you add/fix this? Kind regards, Mark
  8. This arrays shows you the used tyre-types in the race. E.g.: Start with soft, a few laps later wets, the end of the race with hard tyres. You will get then: m_tyreStintsActual[0]=id for soft m_tyreStintsActual[1]=id for wet m_tyreStintsActual[2]=id for hard Kind regards, Mark
  9. Yes, I can confirm this - it is always 0.
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