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  1. I also have this issue with series x and a logitech g920
  2. Agreed maybe we should start claiming refunds, or charge back on our cards.
  3. Hi all, I am a previous Beta tester also a keen league racer with the Xbox series X Looking forward to testing out all off the game mostly the online side of things, in the previous games we have been riddled with bugs ruining league races.
  4. @LogiUK @BarryBL Have you any input on this thread ? Have codies even looked into this been over a year ?
  5. Any updates to this issue ? @BarryBL
  6. So there will be no support until at least the next game ? Can't you just implement what slightly mad studios have done for project cars 2. They have found the functional controls.
  7. Now you have bought project cars maybe you can implement this now 😂
  8. Thanks for the update much appreciated.
  9. Patch 1.15 now and still no mention of a fix come on ...
  10. Brilliant mate let's hope somthing can be done to help us all out, please keep us updated !
  11. Thanks for your help mate we all just want this issue sorting, to enhance out gameplay experience!
  12. Patch 1.09 still no answer come on codies sort it out !
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