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  1. The1nonly1

    F1 Career Mode

    You can switch components on the main career mode screen, in between sessions or in a session. Anything in red should be changed, orange you may need to soon and green is still good.
  2. The1nonly1

    ERS Button

    It would feel more realistic. I saw Lando using it this way when his engineer told him to hold the button.
  3. The1nonly1

    ERS Button

    Is it possible to make the button you have mapped for ERS to be hold instead of toggle? Right now I press once for overtake and once again to turn off. I would like to hold the button so overtake engages and when I release it, overtake turns off.
  4. The1nonly1

    How to use ERS?

    Thanks all. Very informative and I'll use it like you've said.
  5. The1nonly1

    How to use ERS?

    Ok thanks. So use it for few seconds out of a corner onto a straight is best?
  6. The1nonly1

    How to use ERS?

    I never really used ERS in 2019 due to finding it difficult to mage that and the fuel but with 2020, it's much easier to do both. How is best to use it though?
  7. The1nonly1

    Car handling

    Thanks, I think it's the car. I've finished the race but it was hard on that corner each lap. I'll try another car in time trial and then I'll know for sure. What R&D improves the handling and steering?
  8. The1nonly1

    Car handling

    Started My Team and in my first race at Australia, I was having to turn my G29 almost all the way around just to turn the 2nd to last corner, is that normal or is it because the car is not as good. I have wheel rotation set to 360 and nothing changed on the calibration that would affect the steering.
  9. The1nonly1

    F1 2020 AND LOGITECH G920

    Your slider will be in the Logitech Gaming Software. If you don't have this, download it and you can change the wheel rotation.