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  1. Julian00017

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    What means skill rating rebalancing ?
  2. Julian00017

    Albon to replace Gasly

    It will be nice if Codemasters implement the change, but let Gasly in the Red Bull until Hungary and then in the championship/career make the mid-season transfer! it should be very easy to do, if I remember well, Formula One 99 did the same with Salo replacing Schumacher during his injury.
  3. Do we know if there is another performance Update coming?
  4. Julian00017

    Patch Notes for 1.07 – Discussion Thread

    « Various other fixes » : is this includes some AI updates like Pérez not being a monster ?
  5. Julian00017


    Yes agree. He is constantly 2/3 tenths faster than McLaren/Renaults/Kimi. in real life he is 5 tenths slower. I don’t understand how they can make mistake like this. I will stop playing until it is fixed (should be very easy and fast!)
  6. Hi guys what is your championship standings with patch 1.05 ? mine, Mercedes on top, then follow by Ferraris and Verstappen. performance update looks pretty ok but Racing Point are too fast! Perez has been extremely unlucky in my championship. also Ricciardo needs to be improved !
  7. Perez is too fast with patch 1.05. It needs to be fixed asap. And increase Renault a little bit then it will be perfect.
  8. how are the car performance now ? McLaren much faster ?
  9. Is the performance update will also affect drivers? Or only cars performance? eg Verstappen to become much faster than Gasly?