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  1. RB88

    No records time trial

    I have exactly the same issue posted it allready:
  2. Good morning, 1. The timetrial leaderboards are not loading at all. The global leaderboard and the friends leaderboard are not loading. 2. 1.03 3. Time trial 4. Everytime i start a timetrial session the leaderboard doesnt load for Zandvoort(tested 10 times) or any other track(Austria 2 times). 5. Tried to reset my internet connection. Using cable or wireless doesnt make a difference. Starting the game with wheel or gamepad doesnt make a difference. 6. Gamepad/Wheel both tested. Both not resolving this issue 7. No screenshot yet. But opening the leaderboard says downloading content. After that message is gone the leaderboard is still empty. I hope im posting this in the correct forum
  3. Hi all, We are a dutch group of guys and we are searching for our small league another 6 drivers. We allready have 14 competetors We race on 6 tracks and your best 5 results count. We have experienced drivers and new drivers. Everybody respects the racing rules and fun is the main point why we do this. Leave a message if you want to join! Assists: Race settings Assist restrictions Session options AI Driver: 50 Braking assist: Off Practice: None Car Performance: Equal Anti-Lock Brakes: Off Qualifying: Short Parc Fermé Rules: On Traction control: Medium Race Distance: 50% Collisions: On Gearbox: Auto/Manual Quick Weather: Dynamic Vehicle Damage: Simulation Pit Assist: On Session Start Time: Official Safety Car: On Pit Release Assist: Off Rules and Flags: On Dynamic Racing Line: Full Corner Cutting: Strict Formation Lap: On Race Starts: Manual Tracks we race: Bahrein Sunday 3 may, 20 uur China Sunday 17 may, 20 uur Monaco Sunday 24 may, 20 uur Canada Sunday 7 may, 20 uur Rusland Sunday 14 june, 20 uur Abu Dhabi Sunday 28 june, 20 uur
  4. RB88

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    So we are all complaining about the online mode and your solution is to download something that doesn't allow us to play online. This doesn't make any sense at all
  5. RB88

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Exactly. Now we need tot know if codemasters is even thinking of making changes to the League mod.. Please can someone from CM respond?
  6. RB88

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    I did the same. Still no response... ūüėě
  7. RB88

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    But they didn't... Its a broken feature... Unranked has every option but is not saveable
  8. RB88

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    The allready answered with an empty answer. Its taken tot the devs. Pls i am a software developper myself if you do this in a professional way you work in sprints. So we are 2 patches further and still not any announcement! The devs van estimate how long it will take to put OLD functionality back in the game. So i expect a response zoon with we have taken it to the devs and theyr going to fix this in the next 2 sprints. OR a response with a wont fix this because we allready have your money. The saddest part is the announce everything they are making new. Trailers and spoilers before release. Its implemented bad and i think the devs are not racers orherwise they encountered all this problems before releasing the beta. Now we missing the online championship feature and have a broken new feature called leagues... So codemasters when are you going to let us know that you are or arent going to fix this?
  9. RB88

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Hi, I played in f1 2018 the online championship mode aswell. Now the feature is missing. Problem: At this point it is not possible in league mode to drive with: 1 buddy, f1 2019(equal/non equal performance) cars and 18 AI drivers Solution: Give us a option to save an unranked session. So that replaces the online championship mode. Is codemasters thinking of bringing the online championship mode back? or thinking of the option to save a unranked session? or wont fix this at all? So that we know that the dev team knows of this and not going to fix this issue? Please give us a response.. since the 29th of june there wasnt a reaction from codemasters.... Its a game breaking feature we are missing and its removed without a note from codemasters.