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  1. A) I've got to complain about A.I. stupidity in following cases: 1. During my inlap in qualifying when i leave the racing line and slow down a little bit to let the A.I. pass, the A.I. refuses to pass me and the next one too and so on. In my last qualifying in Austin, the result was: 5 A.I.-drivers slowed down behind me and i don't believe no one was on his (or its) hotlap. 2. Monaco harbor shikane and Baku turn 3 the A.I. likes to divebomb and turn too early into the lefthander, hits the wall and bounces back onto the racing line into the player's car. And yes, i left enough space and other drivers too (Youtube: Tiametmarduk, Dave Gaming). B) Cold/warm tires At the start of the formation lap sometimes the temperature of the tires is 55 degrees Celsius and sometimes it's 85 degrees Celsius. Bug or feature ?