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  1. LOL - I swear I looked for icons and for sure I hit the "back" button many times but saw nothing. If it turns out the pause icon is on that screen and I missed it I'll be... annoyed. Here I sit at work on 3 hours of sleep because I didn't have the willpower to quit out of the on track practice programs. Oh, just one more program... let's change the wings and see what happens... okay, just run the race strategy then I'll quit... okay, just do the first qualifying session and that's it... okay, just finish qualifying and when the race starts quit on the first lap or two... and then I go ahead and finish a 50% race...and on and on. And guess what, I had to finally make myself quit out of the next weekend's first practice program anyway. LOL. Am I really the only one that didn't know this? ***? I am new to this game, maybe that's it.
  2. Okay, for sure this helps. I won't be able to check for a few days so I'm hoping you guys can satisfy my curiosity about this. So, you're saying let's say after an invitational is over, you're sitting at the laptop but not "enter workstation" IIRC, it's here you can hit the pause button and save and exit? Thanks again guys. I wish I could convey what a difference not having to try to quit mid practice program will make. So many nights I intend to wrap at a normal hour but get sucked in to just finishing "this one practice program then I'll quit during the next one!"
  3. Say whut? Are you kidding me? I clicked and looked all over for this. Man, I wish I had the game in front of me to check this out, I just don't understand how I could have missed this. Is there an icon anywhere on the screen showing this or talking about how to exit to the main menu? Either way, THANK YOU!
  4. Hi guys, I looked all over and couldn't find it. Seems so weird that no one else has asked this. Is it just me or is the only way for me to wrap the up night gaming is to quit from within the car, on track? Said another way, I just completed a race and I want to stop there, or at least before I'm in the pits at the next race. From what I can tell the earliest chance I have to wrap up the gaming night is at the next event in the car, on the track. For a n00b like me that is loving this game this is not good. I pick the track familiarity program (is that what it's called?) and go out on track with the intention of saving and quitting but of course I want to finish it. Test the setup, etc. Then, before you know it I'm back in the pits in the car in the same damn situation. What the heck am I missing? Probably a waste to ask but can't we just get a damned option to quit the game after the debrief after the last race weekend?
  5. DavidCopperTop

    Voice Commands, New Wing.

    Sorry, n00b question. Do I have to hold the X button down? FWIW, it's never worked for me but I did see a fix for it that I haven't yet tried.