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    Throttle stuck on 100%

    Logitech G920 and the throttle is stuck at 100%. At first I thought my pedal was broken so I switched to PC2 and it works just fine there. I went back to F1 2019 and tried calibrating the throttle and it changed it from the pedal to Z- whatever that is. The brake and clutch pedals work just fine on this game and other games. What I think happened was I was playing F1 last night, then switched to PC2 for a few races but had to reassign the throttle because the car wouldn't go, then today switched back to F1 and now the throttle is stuck wide open I have tried unplugging the wheel and restarting computer. I also tried waiting until the game launched to plug in wheel. I tried creating a profile in logitech gaming software for this game. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled LGS and Nvidia experience. I also uninstalled PC2. None of these has worked. Any advice?