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  1. Brandtair

    Not ready up and still added to the race?

    Would it not be a great function to leave those that do not ready up in the lobby? Thanks for the clearification by the way.
  2. Maybe i have been participating too wel up until now. I just noticed that not clicking "ready up" in the multiplayer lobby does not mean you are not added to the race. I wanted to just skip one race and noticed the car parked against a wall when I got back to my computer. Is this how it is supposed to work. Why add someone that has not proven to be active?
  3. Brandtair

    I am real P****d with this!!!

    I think that with the right log compression they should be able collecting all those logs in the matter of seconds. You have the code itself, only information is needed that tells you how the code worked. Recording the whole race would be a great way to log everything. They could deleted the recordings at the end of the hour if no report is filed. And then immediatly ad the possibility to download the recording on to your computer if you want within a couple of hours.
  4. Brandtair

    I am real P****d with this!!!

    Would it not for those cases be easier if you can enter the settings menu and press report. Where you type your observations and all the log data is send with it. It is way easier to do for any player and in an instance you get all the data you need to troubleshoot.
  5. Brandtair

    I am real P****d with this!!!

    Is that not why so much software sends a short logbook to the developers when the software does not runs as it should? Some games even let me create a report if i noticed something and file it in an easy way. They have so much data they can use. Monitoring is an important part of modern game development. The games are so complex that indeed looking through the code is not an option. Developing the code in a way it gives an error if it does not function properly and sends data to the developers is the only way. Reporting a bug should in my opinion not take more than one click. Maybe add the option to add a summary of what appreared to happen. At this moment this only happens when the whole game crashes.
  6. Brandtair

    Why do I bother?

    Another problem is that in this game no braking lights means you are lucky to brake on time. I often have that one in front of me lets the throttle loose or brakes earlier. To be compatitive i need to be close behind on the first corner. Then The reaction time can be less then 0.1 seconds. Which means you cannot prevent yourselve to crash into someone that decides to do something different. I think on this part something needs to be done. I can imagine it to be difficult but this does not work.
  7. Brandtair

    F1 2019 - Weekly Grand Prix - China

    Had this exact problem some time ago
  8. Brandtair

    Weekly Event China GP - weird start

    Yess that and this happenes regularly
  9. Brandtair

    Future F1 game ideas

    And less of these. Feel Lando now. Happened 5 min ago for the so manied time.
  10. Brandtair

    Future F1 game ideas

    And not to forget, - A more realistic/complex penalty system - Good reliable online lobies and games.
  11. I had something similarly weird. Finished 1st according to the game. Then all other cars seems to not finish. Then the counter gets stuck on 0:01 minutes and on the final results i am 5th
  12. Brandtair

    Error steam files

    I thought it may be a steam problem but reinstalling the game gave me the exact same result what makes me think a file is missing in the supplies program. The error i get to see after freshly installing the game and after the last update is the following. In Dutch it says: A error has occured during updating F1 2019 (locked content file) : "Path on the computer to the program". Does anybody have experience with this and/or has the solution?
  13. Although it goes well most of the time. The fact that you can only do the week even on one day and than every whole hour means it crashing more that very rarely is unacceptable. I have been waiting to race for a hour and now that i get into the starting grid this happened. I cannot do anything because it thinks the race is still waiting for another player. Two others meanwhile are just racing around. Them hitting me is how the car moved.
  14. Brandtair


    So i see this quite often. Like from the first corner it appears during the race it dissapears on the straight sometimes and then they are back just before the finish.
  15. Brandtair


    So i see multiple symbols in the game that i do not immediatly get. For example a red x behing a name in multiplayer. I there a manual where all of this is explained to be found somewhere?