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  1. Very frustrating having to be quite stipt when wanting to race since they only start once every hour and stop in the evening. What does it mean?
  2. So i do not know how others think of this but it annoys me a little bit. I do not understand why the races from the week event are alle finished before 12 pm? I can imagine there are people that have to work on sunday or have other plans and already are unhappy because they miss the live race. But this could easily go on till 12pm can anyone tell me why it does not?
  3. Brandtair

    Why add seconds to quali time week event?

    Ah, didn't know that thanks for the info
  4. So i noticed that putting a quali time on the board in the week events when using some assists adds seconds to that time. So lets say i drive a 1 minute 50 then it wil be on the board as 1 minute 52. Why this and not just give points for the time and subtract points for the assists used. Instead of changing the time. That would make it easier to compare the times on the board.
  5. @steviejay69 i realise that which is why it runs medium settings. Though when just showing the menu it should not have a problem. I can run Battlefield V high settings easily and a heavy flightsimulator on medium settings too. The strange thing is that it stays at 2gb usage at almost every point in the game even the main menu. The only moment it goes down is when it animates the f1 logo or runs the pre race animations.
  6. A short description of the problem: Extreme GPU usage thoughout the game 99 to 100% medium 1080p settings anti-ailiasing off. With Nvidia GTX 970m 2gb latest drivers. Even when in menu. Platform you’re on (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam): PC Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner): 1.08 Game Mode, including if it was Single Player or Multiplayer (Time Trial, Career, Grand Prix, Custom Game etc): All including menu's What happened in the lead up to the problem?: Nothing If you have any videos or screenshots, please share them. If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears:
  7. Brandtair

    Fuel bug?

    In career mode f1 2019 pc on the Austrian gp when i put the car in lean mode the extra laps that i have fuel for still decreases fast. So fast that i cannot finish the race without letting go of the throtle on the straights.
  8. Brandtair

    Online services login error [ZX]

    Now steam pc patch 1.08 directx 11 too.
  9. Brandtair

    Online services login error [ZX]

    Here too PC Via steam Version 1.08 only Directx 12
  10. Brandtair

    30% Discount already

    It is rediculus to be honest. 30% on no special occasion. What will they do for Black friday 60%? The people that bought the game are confronted with one that has not been bug tested enough and pay the top price and those that waited a mont get 30% off. 5% to get some more sales okay but this does not help the speed of the development of the game.
  11. So i struggle with changing the multiplayer car setup since it just gives you 30 seconds before qualifying to do it. Or is there another place you can create setups with more than 30 seconds?
  12. Brandtair

    How to keep the back from breaking out?

    Thanks for the advice you all. You would think @SturmDesTodes with all the f1 data they could have from the cars they would be able to compute quite a good driving model using the G-force data combines with (de)acceleration, steering input and speed. But that still seems for the future so with this advice from everyone I will have to learn to read the game mechanics and master those.
  13. Hello to you all, The first and last f1 game i got before this one was f1 2011 for the Wii (just for some fun). And i got a irritation that i do not seem to get under controle on some circuits. First of was monaco where 1 in 5 times when i go throug the tunnel the cars back would break out when going as fast as the others. Only thing that seems to work is to let go of the acelerator or hol the perfect line (which is quite a challenge using a ps4 controler on PC) But that problem i have somewhat controlled now so that it will only happen once in 20 times. Second off is somwhat the same problem only then the second to third corner of spa-francorchamps. I does not matter if i let go of the accelerator at a competative speed the back breaks out to the left in the second part of the corner. Unless i cut the corner big time but that should not be meant to be. Anyone got some advice? Or is the game a bit inaccurate on these points?
  14. Now i noticed that on windows 10 via steam using ps4 controller the layout is that of a xbox controller when will this change? Hitting the wrong buttons sometimes in the menu's
  15. I have tried it 20 times but it seems impossible to get the tyre managment program finished on monaco driving with gamepad. It goes very fast to the reds even when i follow the instructions of the racingline and doe not seem to go down quick enough. So is it just me or are there others with this problem. Or are there maybe people that already know how tot tackle this frustrating problem.