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  1. I am on xbox, after getting gold in all events I am on 6%... I have a few more races to do to get enough to buy the last car and hit level 99 but not 93 99 laps of Indianapolis worth. Done one 99 lap race it took 75 mins, 93 times doing that is just over 116 hours. Yeah no thanks. I have better things to waste 116 hours on. Like another codies game with a ridiculous grind.
  2. Whilst I think the skill system in need of major improvements, from what I can gather a lot of people here would like that to be resolved in order to best represent how they race. However, a lot of people are trying to increase their rank in order to obtain the trophy/achievement. The best way I can think of to allow people to get this trophy/achievement would be to amend the requirements. Previous versions have been to just obtain a rating. Another suggestion could be to amend the requirements to ask a player to improve their skill rating (Silver 2 -> Silver 3) for example