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  1. I agree, that's why i want a working clutch during practice sessions, so it will be possible to practice the starts
  2. MJB72

    make clutch work in practice sessions

    That is not the problem, The manual clutch is for use with an h pattern gearshifter, If you set it up with the individual gears you can drive the classic F1 cars with gearshifter and clutch. If you select the option "manual with clutch" in the setting you need to use the clutch in order to change gears. I just want the clutch to work when using sequential gearshifter, so i can select first gear and hold the clutch like you do on race starts.
  3. The clutch only seems to work during race starts. And it seems to work as a switch (on/off), even if you use an analog control like a clutch pedal for this function. I understand that adding an usable analog clutch to the game is probably a lot of work, i hope this will be included in future games like F1 2021. I would like to see the starting procedure also as part of the pracice programmes in the game, being able to do a good start is important. The only way to practice now is starting a race and then restarting the session and wait for it to load again to do a new start. But how hard would it be to enable the clutch in practice sessions? Then we could practice race starts.
  4. MJB72

    F1 2019 League Trophy Boost PS4

    Hi i'm also trying to get this trophy. If anyone can help me, contact me on PS4. i'm MJB72-NL