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  1. are you going to fix up the drs zones there was two only not three like it is game from the weekend race and are you going fix signage as well too the track is Hockenheim' that i am taking about are you going add in Mercedes signage as well too
  2. will this be added to the game 2) Changes to the circuit 2.1 The entire track has been resurfaced. 2.2 The gravel trap has been increased so it is closer to the back of the kerb at Turn 7. 2.3 The width of the track between Turns 5-6 and Turns 14-15 has been reduced to 12m. 2.4 The tarmac run off on the right-hand side at Turn 11 has been replaced with a gravel trap. 2.5 Additional concrete humps have been installed at the apex of Turn 7 and Turn 2.6 A double width FIA/FIM Kerb has been installed behind the existing kerb at Turn 17. 2.7 The SC1 line has moved and is located approximately 29m closer to the Pit Entry.
  3. on the last lap of both races when I going though the last turn the left front goes fat every time