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  1. dannybloot

    League Stuck [R2]

    @RedDevilKT I have checked it, and it works great again! Thank you very much!
  2. dannybloot

    PS4 Trophies Glitched - F1 2019 [R2]

    Thank you! I hadn't seen there was already a thread for this.
  3. dannybloot

    League Stuck [R2]

    @RedDevilKT I couldn't race last Saterday. So I didn't participate in the race. The second league has always a race on Tuesday (so next race is tomorrow) but it's saying next race in 1 day since the first league keeps saying (league event in progress).
  4. dannybloot

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    I have made a new topic. Is this good?
  5. dannybloot

    PS4 Trophies Glitched - F1 2019 [R2]

    I have completed 2 weekly event Grand Prix now but still haven't unlocked the Weekend Warrior trophy. Weekend Warrior Complete a Weekly Grand Prix Isn't unlock able jet or is it a glitch? Featured Racer Complete a Featured Event I also can't get this trophy?!
  6. dannybloot

    League Stuck [R2]

    I have a problem with the league races. It looks stuck and can't go to the league page. I'm owner of a league that drives every Saturday but now I keep seeing every day Session is live. This isn't possible and if I try to join I get "Error session isn't available" (or something like that). Also the other league I'm a member of keeps saying next race in 1 day, while that's also a one race a week league... The league names are Ride or Die and Dutch League. I'm playing on a PS4.
  7. dannybloot

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    It's fixed for me on ps4, I can access my mail now! But I still have problems with the league page... It's now a few days stuck and won't refresh or something. There is still a session live but that's a Saturday race and the race from the other league keeps saying next race in 1 day... Has this something to do with the same problem or does this belong in an other thread?
  8. dannybloot

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    on what platform?
  9. dannybloot

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    Had the same problem... I could finally finish a race after more than 6 times trying... Every time I got an error....
  10. dannybloot

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    I get the same error on my ps4. And while playing the weekly event there is a lot of lag and rondom spawning cars... But my internet is good with everything else I do on the ps4...