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  1. will there be more handling updates to the unrealistic physics in the future?
  2. there is nothing you can do about that. As u said, even with high ride height the problem persists. Wait for the handling update, hopefully they will fix the broken kerbs. you will waste your time by playing too much with the setups. they dont make much sense anyway this year with the broken curbs. Example: almost on all tracks the fastest tt setups have the highest tyrepressure. Even on tracks like Australia. While in real life, we know that the tyre pressure is very low on almost all tracks. This has too be done in the game to counter the extremly soft suspension. And why do the fa
  3. Ah, the special snowflake post. Didnt took so long. The two users did hold the opposite opinion, therefore i addressed these two by their username. Problem where? And now back to the Topic. Codies pls fix the Curbs. 5000 People are waiting.
  4. Soo aside from what users like marioho and Ultra try to tell everybody, this topic has gained 4000 views!!!! This means that many people feel the same. Most of them wont reply, cause they dont think it is worth. And when i see weird posts which gets upvotes always from the same 3-4 users, i can understand why. But well, numbers talk for themselves, and i hope the codies developers rely on this numbers, and take actions
  5. @BarcaMascot yes u are completly right. Especially the problems with the curbs are very annoying.
  6. ok i am out of this, cause you call a esportsdriver and teammanager who has thousands of hours in the f1 games a "internet streamers comment" That clearly indicates what you are trying to do here.
  7. yeah my bad. I better trust your medicore skills opinions, and in your case, your opionion simply based on the pad 😄 😄 This issues mutliplies when you try to be very fast on this game. You just give away that you dont try to be fast, you try to collect post on this forum.
  8. @PJTierney this things are connected. The 2021 Game might have realistic enough Curbs for Padusers, while for Wheelusers, this isnt the case. And the Reasons why have to be discussed. Some Users here arent aware of this hidden Assists the Padusers have. And here is the Video from Limitless about what is "faster" when the User is the same Person.
  9. Seriously ***. Do u guys really dont know this? When you play with the Pad, literally the downforce increases, like you have a silent TC everytime, even when you turned it off. And you have a steering Assist, as well as a steering lock. The Assist put your wheels to the right angle for the individuel corner. The lock makes it so you cant go over that angle. This is the reason why it is almost impossible to spin in a corner due to too much steering to the inside. TRL Limitless, another Esportsdriver, increased his PB in TT in 1 hour after using the controller again, before
  10. With Wheel, all Aspects of Driving are much more difficult in the F1 Games, thus, the issue with the Curbs is much more present for those Players Funny that hardcore Forenusers dont know that. Even more funny that some take that as an offense for Pad Users. Even tho i didnt say anything bad about that. But its expected from those Hardcore Forum Users. People who are online in a medicore popular DEVs Forum, are not here because they love the game 😄
  11. Ok Marioho, let me get this straight: You have thousands of posts in the Codemaster forums, and you dont even have a wheel? And then you try to tell people that the Curbs are not broken? Hahaha. Good One! Buy a wheel, play this game, and come back here and try to tell people the same
  12. haha, even the best player complains about the physics, and yet here are people who deny this fact and try to disrespect his opinion. This **** happens only in the Internet😄
  13. Curbs are unrealistic. Hope they will fix this soon
  14. d1ebels


    I recommend you to not put any time in this game. With those Curbs, any effort is wasted time. Wait till they will fix it. Even the Esportlers are complaining about this.
  15. Bro, you play this game with controller.... with controller, all aspect of driving are way easier. Ofc you struggle not so much.
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