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  1. AdamBokor

    [FPS] Game freezes suddenly for a second

    I made an 5 lap FPS benchmark and the lagg didn't occur. I hope It's fixed. BTW this game is beautiful 😄 DxDiag.txt
  2. AdamBokor

    [FPS] Game freezes suddenly for a second

    I thought it won't remove it because I choose "keep files", but apparently I was wrong 😄
  3. AdamBokor

    [FPS] Game freezes suddenly for a second

    Already tried it. Now I reinstalled Windows because I'm ****** xd F1 is still downloading...
  4. AdamBokor

    [FPS] Game freezes suddenly for a second

    I uninstalled the Realtek and Intel driver and downloaded from ASUS.com, and it still happens. This time no controller connected, just a Benchmark mode. I also switched to DVD quality. DxDiag.txt
  5. AdamBokor

    [FPS] Game freezes suddenly for a second

    I think the updates came from Windows Update. I'll try your suggestions this afternoon, thanks!
  6. A short description of the problem: The game freezes for a second and continues. I have constant 60 fps but this happens in every 5 lap race once or twice (multiplayer, single, benchmark, everywhere) It is very annoying because I'm losing time on track in multiplayer, usually 2-3 cars overtake me while I'm "frozen". It started 2 days ago. I have more then 100 hours in the game and it was just fine. Platform you’re on (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam): STEAM Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner): 1.12 Game Mode, including if it was Single Player or Multiplayer (Time Trial, Career, Grand Prix, Custom Game etc): in every gamemode If in Multiplayer, how many players and how many AI?: - What happened in the lead up to the problem?: - If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving: - Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc): Xbox Wireless Controller If you have any videos or screenshots, please share them. If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears: F1_2019_2019_09.26_-_21_05_34.02_Trim_Trim.mp4 DxDiag.txt hardwaresettings.rar
  7. And I also couldn't connect to the weekly event race second time...