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  1. JSForeman

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    The problem is that leagues aren't as customisable as the online championship mode in 2018. In leagues in 2019 you are unable to set the cars as 'realistic' performance. This is my main issue and means that you completely lose that 'roleplay' element of both driving for williams and seeing who can battle the midfield the best. Yes, you can make them F1 2019 cars, but it's forced to 'equal' performance and not changable like in unranked. Also, the general customisation is limited so can't have random / reverse grid orders or change the weather and time. Also, though I've not personally tested, I don't believe you can save between sessions on a weekend in leagues (e.g. after quali and before the race) and if one leaves, or if you need to restart just the race because one of you made a serious error, you need to restart the full weekend, not just the race. So basically our options in 2019 are Leagues - forced 'equal' performance, very limited customisation for things like time / weather / random or reverse grid. Does however allow saving of progress and points as you progress. Custom unranked - full customisation possible but no ability to save between races so points are lost between sessions. Yes you can of course use Excel, but this isn't an issue in 2018.
  2. JSForeman

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    As above, just adding my voice to those who have lost the online championship. My friend was about to buy the game so we could do this, I'm glad I researched it first and stopped him doing so, since this is the only mode he is interested in. There's too much forced emphasis on eSports and trying to make people play the game the way you want it to be played, rather than just letting people come home from work and do another race in their online championship over the course of a few evenings a week, picking up where you left off before. Please either re-add the feature or simply allow more customisation in private 'leagues' so that we can have realistic car performance (VITAL for online championship) and other adjustments such as random grid order (great fun in previous games!!) etc.