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  1. I honestly haven't checked; didn't really want to pursue that option, and I think I could just create a second one too.
  2. I have never done a league before this year's game and so I don't know if the following are bugs or if they're working as intended (which seems crazy to me but whatever). Can someone please enlighten me regarding the following? Started a league, set the user cars to be run by AI at 88 difficulty if people didn't show. Ran the first race of the season after a week or two of lame duck and had a "full" league of players but only one other driver showed up for the first race (per the information in the lobby, and per the pain schemes being user schemes and not the RGB pattern that the AI seem
  3. Can anyone do a rundown of sources or screenshots of this? Went to the sources posted and it doesn't seem very illuminating.
  4. I've been wondering about this myself; I'm not very far along still but it's hard to motivate myself to play these days. 82 for the highest rated F2 guy is ridiculous. Lack of growth by the F2 guys is ridiculous. The best F2 guy never racing in F1 seems a little funny but it's honestly not that unrealistic.
  5. The addition of realistic performance in TT mode is kind of nice at the start of MT, since I can just hop into the Williams to get that feel of a dog of a car. But why can't we just use our MT car's current performance in TT mode (either from the TT mode or within MT mode)? I run 100% but it's hard to set aside enough time to sit down a whole race weekend, which means I'm jumping into qualifying and/or the race cold. It would be nice to warm up with some sim laps, and would be even better if you could do it with tyre wear/fuel/ERS loads/use.
  6. We are entitled to the game that was advertised to us and that we purchased, however. If it's their choice to not trot Lee out to address the issues/discrepancies, so be it. But of course they are the ones that decided he was the guy to share all the info. That's their precedent, not ours. I am confident he is paid to be a mouthpiece and representative of DM--surely he wasn't just flapping his gums without it being requested by his boss. Wouldn't that violate his NDA? Doesn't it at least seem strange that he was only the guy to communicate before release? Now that the game's out, he
  7. I didn't realize that, for what it's worth. Then again, I don't really give a **** about the liveries, I'd just like them to be roughly the right colors.
  8. Oh wow--didn't realize that. I don't think there's anything wrong with mine but I'd be curious to check, will take a look later. Thanks!
  9. Are you guys basing that % on just the green display on the screen while you're in the game? Or is there some sort of console app to test your triggers with?
  10. You had me until Tsunoda. Got to the end and it was all worth it 😄
  11. They spent a lot of time on it, man. They're still spending a lot of time on it, but they spent a lot of time on it before too. 🤦‍♂️
  12. Looks like you're not counting Hungary as part of the calculation? Both Ferrari drivers have both been present for 10 of the 11 races. Also a real stat for this year (thus far): Leclerc on 80 points, Sainz on 83.
  13. That seems like a terrible shame. I haven't gotten that far yet to be able to corroborate your findings but you might consider reporting that as a bug (though of course it's always possible they move it back to here 😕).
  14. Yeah, I think it calculates that for you (at least in MT mode) after the race when it's adding in your acclaim and sponsor bonuses, etc. Haven't run enough races or kept track of what sort of damage I had to correlate to the costs, but they did seem a little low. I'd be curious to see someone's breakdown of a season's worth or so.
  15. So...who is the reserve driver? You got through 2 rounds like that? I want to know who it is haha.
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