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  1. You are correct about the C skill level rooms. I made the mistake of getting used to exceeding track limits intentionally and was demoted when I wanted to stay B rated. Also, maybe it was my circumstance, but it appeared that alot of fast drivers was also rated in the C level. I just lucked out and was able to unlock the trophy with only completing 2 races at the C skill level.
  2. Well, I finally got the trophy this morning. Here's the sad, pathetic truth. 1) Drop yourself down to B or C skill ratings. 2) Qualify as best as possible (no worse than fourth). Avoid the chaos in the rear. 3) Win as many races as possible (finish no lower than third). 4) Cut a corner or exceed track limits once or twice a race to keep your rating inside B or C skill. The last race, there were 17 racers. I qualified 3rd. Had a bad start and fell to 4th. The top 3 started to battle and one of the 3 pitted for a broken wing. On the final turn of the last lap, the 2nd place driver hit the wall and was stuck. I finished 2nd and gained 15 points to reach 2003 points and unlocked the trophy.
  3. Oh, it happened on its own. People kept wrecking me and I dropped like a rock. It also helped that I started fighting back against the dirty drivers.
  4. I had reached 1766 on Friday. I'm now at 1596 as of last night. I've lowered myself from S to B and will follow everyone's advice to start in the back to avoid the rammers and chaos.