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  1. I don’t get the excitement for this.. No gameplay New tracks as post launch dlc.. right 🙄 Fictional characters Confirmed microtransactions € 85 pricetag F1 2020 bugs never got fixed I hope you guys enjoy it, but I just don’t get it.. It’s not for me anymore. time for me to leave this forum, I guess.. 👋
  2. You’re right. Preordering F1 2020 had put me off purchasing Codemasters games on day one. Maybe I’ll get in a deep deep sale, but only if there’s no Fornite pass, I absolutely hate it with a passion! Ruined the game for me. I’m also playing Ride 4 at the moment. Great game with an absolutely awesome track selection en good dlc.
  3. Nothing personal against mr. BL (I get he doesn’t have power to change anything) and I do appreciate finally getting an answer. I just don’t like whole ‘screw you’-vibe I’m getting from Codemasters with this last game. It’s utterly disappointing and doesn’t give me much faith in future installments.
  4. You’re smarter than I was.. I preordered and paid full price. Then I spend the better part of a year waiting for them to fix it, meanwhile it has been on sale multiple times and I’m still left with an unfinished game.. (support for adding more microtransactions was always on point for some strange reason 🤡) But now they finally took our feedback and all we have to do is spend another € 80 and maybe the problem will finally get fixed in the next game.. yeahhh 😎 Now that’s customer service!! Thank you Codemasters, you rock!! 🙃
  5. “We screwed up, but we’re not going to fix it” Well it’s better than no reply at all... I guess 🙄 At least we know where stand now, thnx.
  6. I don’t get why there still isn’t a reaction from Codemasters/ @BarryBL.. Is it such a strange question? Don’t you see the problem? Or have I criticized the game too much to warrant a response? imo it’s a valid question that many people have right now. Even a “no we’re not changing Bottas” is better than being completely silent.
  7. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Bottas is way overpowered in F1 2020. Winning most poles and races alike. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or by design. There are 6 pages dedicated to this subject in the chat section, but no answer from any of the CM staff. Perhaps it ìs a bug, and will get some attention this way. In any case, I get that not all driver stats equal there real life counter parts, but this issue with Bottas is really strange and actually ridiculous at times. As some people have mentioned, he seems to have Hamilton’s stats. Platf
  8. Since you’re around, feel free to chime in @BarryBL we’re all wondering about Bottas’ performance.. thank you
  9. I was thinking of reinstalling F1 2020. Does anyone know if they have resolved the Bottas issue yet? If I’m correct, driver stats aren’t always updates trough regular updates.. (I might be mistaken here) If not, is there an update for Bottas planned? @BarryBL the last time I’d played, it was absolutely ridiculous compared to his real life performance.
  10. At this point the whole stat discussion is only speculation that a dev can clarify. The real question should be, is Codemasters going to acknowledge and fix this issue, or do they give us the digital middle finger as usual?
  11. Once again adding more pink zebra pyjama’s was more important. 🤮
  12. Podium Pass is targeted at a younger demographic. The ones with acces to their parents credit cards that is.. If only all those efforts went to optimizing the game or perhaps some quality DLC. Sadly, dressing like Elton John and doing ridiculous dance moves is what sells these days 😔
  13. New game, same bugs and lots of microtransactions. Enjoy 🤡
  14. What are you talking about? Stop complaining.. buy some Pitcoins and “treat yourself in the store!!” 🤡 This is all you need to know about Codemasters priorities 👇
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