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  1. - Offline career mode! - More challenging stages (I find WRC 8’s stages to be far superior) - Decent amount of content on release day. - Dynamic weather
  2. StanleyGoodspeed

    Friends leaderboards ps4

    Thank you @BarryBL
  3. StanleyGoodspeed

    Friends leaderboards ps4

    Sure, I’ll check. But if this is indeed correct, I find it a really strange design decision. Anyway, thanks everyone for your input. edit: just posted a time, that made it into the global leaderboards and is also visible in the friends leaderboard. So, it seems to check out. Still don’t like the way this works, but oke. Thanks again guys!
  4. StanleyGoodspeed

    Friends leaderboards ps4

    Thanks for replying, all.. I’ve read te post. But it still seems strange to me. I don’t really care about the global leaderboards, but I do like to compare lap times with my . We’re all about the same skill level, but nowhere near the global top times. Also, I don’t recall this being an issue in previous F1 games, but I can be mistaken. djdavid, seems to have the same problem, while being in the top 15000. I hope someone from Codemasters can clarify this.
  5. StanleyGoodspeed

    Friends leaderboards ps4

    So, is this a bug, or do I really have to reach a certain level to compete against my own friends? @BarryBL is this a known issue? And is there a solution? I’d really appreciate the help.
  6. StanleyGoodspeed

    Friends leaderboards ps4

    Forgive me if this has been answered before, but I’ve been away from this forum for a while. My friends leaderboards aren’t updating (ps4). At least 4 friends that I know of, have posted lap times on various tracks, but their lap times aren’t visible to me. The game simply says: no times posted yet. Same goes for them, my lap times aren’t visible to them either. Does anybody know what’s happening, or how to fix this? Thanks! Unrelated, has there been any news about using F2 and classic cars in leagues?
  7. StanleyGoodspeed

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Great topic, this game desperately need more features. I kinda agree with all the reviews calling it a bare bones experience. I like the game, but it gets old fast! And honestly, it feels like a step backwards from the last one. It’s too bad, because it has so much potential. I would like a more immersive autosport experience, while still being an arcade game. These are my suggestions (all found in other Codemasters games, so nothing ground breaking here) Longer races, longer championships. Dynamic weather Pitstops: for quick repair and/or wet weather tyres (hence the dynamic weather) Sponsorship deals and objectives, like in the original Grid. Flag rules More ai random events, crashes, spins, terminal damage, penalties, etc. Team management, like in Dirt Rally: hire mechanics, pit crew, agent, etc. Proper time trials. Cockpit view: look at the apex option.
  8. StanleyGoodspeed

    Delete CM forum account?

    Hi, I’d like to delete my account for this forum, does anyone know how to this, or know if it’s possible to do it myself? also, I understand this account is linked to Racenet, does anyone know this works exactly? will I lose all progress in games using Racenet, or is this a whole other account. I’ve been playing CM games using Racenet for years now, but I’ve only Made this forum account last month. Not sure how it all works. But any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. I agree, I’d love to see SMS make a more realistic F1 sim (big F1 fan and I love PC2!). But as mentioned above, it’s not likely. Casual is where the money is, that’s why we have mtx in the game now. I enjoy the F1 games for what they are, but they’re basicly kids games. I’ll race in a closed league witha friend or I’ll do a single player championship, but I’m done racing online with 9-year old Joe-Bob and his battering ram with premium liveries. For more realistic racing, I look elsewhere. Regardless, I’ll support your petition, maybe I’m wrong, who knows.
  10. I stopped playing online for this exact same reason! Even with with an S safety rank it’s still a destruction derby. It’s a shame.
  11. StanleyGoodspeed

    Wales Rally: Available Now

    I’d also like to see Greece in DR2.0, was one of my favourites is DR1 and I still return to it just for that stage. With the 2015 VW Polo, wich I hope to see return do DR2.0 too.
  12. StanleyGoodspeed

    Have you ever bought a premium item? (Micro transactions)

    The sad truth is that they’re here to stay and they will get worse, if people continue to buy them. Because of what you said, you want a better looking desing/helmet or whatever, don’t we all? Atm 30% said “yes” in the poll. Seems like a lot to me, so yes, that’s the future of gaming I guess. By 2021 we’re buying tyres and fuel with real money, wanna keep racing, get out your credit card 😜 Also, 2019 is already on sale on the psn store (EU).
  13. StanleyGoodspeed

    Have you ever bought a premium item? (Micro transactions)

    If that happens I’m done with the F1 games.
  14. StanleyGoodspeed

    Have you ever bought a premium item? (Micro transactions)

    I’m sure they already are, but they’ll probaby just call them “time savers” or something. Hence the poll.
  15. StanleyGoodspeed

    Have you ever bought a premium item? (Micro transactions)

    I agree. I’ll judge Codemasters, don’t get me wrong, but not some dude who falls in the mtx-trap. It’s a nasty tactic, but it’ll probably get worse every year from now on.