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  1. StanleyGoodspeed

    My honest thoughts about F1 2020!!!

    I get what you’re saying. I’m a big fan of the F1 games too, but it seems Codemasters bit off a bit more then they could chew. I’ve never seen so much complaints in the gameplay issues page ever before I wish Codemasters would stop adding new features and would focus on little improvements throughout the game. The focus this year is all about My Team and the Podium Pass, both launched with a lot of issues and both where added to implement microtransactions. Instead of a livery editor, you’re buying these ugly liveries and stupid emotes. Instead of adding and fixing the things long time F1 fans care and complain about for years (you’ve mentioned a few good points there), it’s all about getting the younger audience to fork over some extra cash.
  2. StanleyGoodspeed

    Higher look to apex value

    Suggestion: In cockpit cam the highest value is 15°. It would be good to have it increased to a higher value. In the T-cam the it’s capped at 4°. This should also be increased to a higher max. setting. ✌️
  3. StanleyGoodspeed

    No weaving during formation lap & SC

    Thnx! 👍
  4. 1. The AI cars don’t weave to warm up the tires during the formation lap and safety car. I hoped the last to patches would fix this, but I just tested it and it was still the same. Haven’t had a SC today, so I couldn’t test it. (They did in 2019) 2. Ps4 pro 3. 1.08 4. Tested in Championship & Grand Prix mode. Setup race 25% with formation lap on and just watch the AI go in a straight line. 5. All races since launch 6. None, just waited for the last 2 patches to fix this. 7. DS4 8. No. I remember there was a topic about this a while ago, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. So my apologies if this is a double post.
  5. StanleyGoodspeed

    Shadow pop up in Vietnam

    1. Vietnam: While driving the shadows from the fences on the track keep popping up a few meters in front of the car. It’s very distracting. 2. Ps4 Pro 3. 1.06 4. Championship (Vietnam) 5. All the time, all game modes. 6. Non possible 7. Gamepad 8. Yes
  6. StanleyGoodspeed

    Suggestion: DLC packs > microtransactions

    In a heartbeat!
  7. StanleyGoodspeed

    Suggestion: DLC packs > microtransactions

    I agree, PC2 had a great season pass. I know F1 is a yearly game, so you can’t expect the same level of content, but something to that extent, extra content even if it’s from from past F1 titles, would be way more interesting to me.
  8. StanleyGoodspeed

    Suggestion: DLC packs > microtransactions

    Still a young parent 😄, and I enjoy playing games myself, but you’re right. My kids are te target demographic, but I still pay the bills. It’s part of the reason I have a problem with this “free to play” revenue model. It’s kind of a gross way to make money.
  9. StanleyGoodspeed

    F1 2020, something positive

    That’s definitely when this game is at its best, wheel to wheel racing in a close championship. Credit where credit is due.
  10. StanleyGoodspeed

    F1 2020, something positive

    I know there’s a lot of complaints about this game, and probably rightfully so.. I myself have a few, but one thing CM has nailed this year besides the handeling, in my opinion, is the AI. I’m playing the F2 2019 championship at the moment, difficulty: 90%, race distance 50%, and I had some really great battles with the AI. I like how they make mistakes now and race aggressively, without being unfair. It was one of the things I missed in F1 2019. So, on this part, well done Codemasters!
  11. StanleyGoodspeed

    Suggestion: DLC packs > microtransactions

    Here’s a serious suggestion: I wish in the future installments CM would find an alternative way to generate extra income instead of microtransactions, Podium Pass. I get the need for more revenue, and I’ll gladly pay for more content, but not like this. 1. I only play championships, Grand Prix and online in a private league, where we use the official F1 2020 cars. So non of these extra purchases have any value to me whatsoever. 2. I find the Podium Pass to be intrusive and a bit obnoxious, to be honest. It’s mobile gaming territory.. in a € 80 game! 3. It’s a bit childish, emotes, seriously? And the car liveries don’t look that good, to be honest. like I said, I have no problem paying extra for quality content. Why not have dlc packs, or a season pass? just from the top of my head.. Classic car pack ( 60’s-80’s) Track pack, last years tracks that didn’t make it to the new seasons (like Hockenheim for example) [WRC 9 does this]. Extra invitationals/challenges. Extra championships. Senna-Prost avatars. Last years cars. You already have all this stuff, right? Anyway, I’m sure you would come up with more and better dlc packs like mine, but it’s just an example. It would make me spend some extra cash on the game, as the the in game currency doesn’t. Also it wouldn’t be as gross as mtx in a full priced game. Anyway, just a suggestion from a long time fan and parent.
  12. StanleyGoodspeed

    F1 2020 Podium Pass Saving

    Maybe you should drop it in the “suggestions”. I did it a while back too. Couldn’t hurt if more people did.
  13. StanleyGoodspeed

    F1 2020 Podium Pass Saving

    I agree. Turning off the Podium Pass would be very much appreciated. I get they want to make some extra money, but this is to obtrusive, childish and to no interest to me personally. Podium Pass is obviously aimed at a very young audience. Or maybe I’m just getting to old for this stuff. I wish they’d sell some extra dlc instead, tracks, cars, challenges, etc.
  14. StanleyGoodspeed

    Loading times Playstation

    I have the same issue as stated above 1. + 30 sec. loading before every race. Edit: slow loading podium pass item images & and driver portraits. 2. Ps4 pro 3. 1.04 4. Championship and Grand Prix 5. Every time, 40 - 50 races done 6. None, waiting till its over. 7. DS4 8. None
  15. StanleyGoodspeed

    Loading times take forever

    Same problem (ps4 pro) I’m not sure, but it seems to be less when when the network connection is down.