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  1. No more Breaking Point and no more podium pass! Instead have DLC packs with cars & tracks. And this 👇🏼 Honestly, I don’t have high hopes at all. I think it’s gonna be another low effort release. Same bugs, same animations, same goofy cosmetics and one new feature nobody asked for. I’ve been playing ACC for the last months, and after that it’s almost impossible to go back to F12021. And with GT7 releasing in march.. Codemasters better bring their A-game 😬
  2. I’d like to see classic cars from the 60’s in championship modes/invitationals, like in the previous games. And all CM’s unused tracks as DLC. I’m probably the only one, but I actually liked Vietnam 😁 I love to see DLC that actually ads value to the game instead of goofy cosmetics. Don’t get your hopes up. I’ve never seen a developer more disconnected from their fanbase.
  3. I agree. You’re absolutely 100% right!
  4. ..and Just before Aidens wins the championship, Michael Masi hands the title to that other guy. 😬 But seriously, I hope those recourses will be spent elsewhere in the game.
  5. Yes, there is. It’s Grand Prix mode, no b.s. just racing. Solo > Grand Prix > Choose your class > Create custom championship, or play the official full FIA 2021 championship (second tab, R1 on Playstation).
  6. Mixed.. it’s about a 5/10 for me. The core gameplay is great. I really like the handeling model, the on track battles and the new tracks. But the rest feels low effort to me. Recycled animations, bugs, old track layouts and the absence of classic cars and championships really hurt this years game. I’m also quite disappointed with the next gen graphics, especially the lack of particles in the air, wet weather animations and choppy replays. Most effort seems to have been put into Breaking Point, which has no replay value at all and isn’t that great to begin with. I’m not into
  7. How about this.. At the end of the championship, the race director can arbitrarily overstep or change the rules to make you lose the championship, even when you were dominating the entire race and had a real shot at the title It wouldn’t be very sportman like or even fun for the players, but it would be more realistic 😜
  8. I don’t get the excitement for this.. No gameplay New tracks as post launch dlc.. right 🙄 Fictional characters Confirmed microtransactions € 85 pricetag F1 2020 bugs never got fixed I hope you guys enjoy it, but I just don’t get it.. It’s not for me anymore. time for me to leave this forum, I guess.. 👋
  9. You’re right. Preordering F1 2020 had put me off purchasing Codemasters games on day one. Maybe I’ll get in a deep deep sale, but only if there’s no Fornite pass, I absolutely hate it with a passion! Ruined the game for me. I’m also playing Ride 4 at the moment. Great game with an absolutely awesome track selection en good dlc.
  10. Nothing personal against mr. BL (I get he doesn’t have power to change anything) and I do appreciate finally getting an answer. I just don’t like whole ‘screw you’-vibe I’m getting from Codemasters with this last game. It’s utterly disappointing and doesn’t give me much faith in future installments.
  11. You’re smarter than I was.. I preordered and paid full price. Then I spend the better part of a year waiting for them to fix it, meanwhile it has been on sale multiple times and I’m still left with an unfinished game.. (support for adding more microtransactions was always on point for some strange reason 🤡) But now they finally took our feedback and all we have to do is spend another € 80 and maybe the problem will finally get fixed in the next game.. yeahhh 😎 Now that’s customer service!! Thank you Codemasters, you rock!! 🙃
  12. “We screwed up, but we’re not going to fix it” Well it’s better than no reply at all... I guess 🙄 At least we know where stand now, thnx.
  13. I don’t get why there still isn’t a reaction from Codemasters/ @BarryBL.. Is it such a strange question? Don’t you see the problem? Or have I criticized the game too much to warrant a response? imo it’s a valid question that many people have right now. Even a “no we’re not changing Bottas” is better than being completely silent.
  14. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Bottas is way overpowered in F1 2020. Winning most poles and races alike. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or by design. There are 6 pages dedicated to this subject in the chat section, but no answer from any of the CM staff. Perhaps it ìs a bug, and will get some attention this way. In any case, I get that not all driver stats equal there real life counter parts, but this issue with Bottas is really strange and actually ridiculous at times. As some people have mentioned, he seems to have Hamilton’s stats. Platf
  15. Since you’re around, feel free to chime in @BarryBL we’re all wondering about Bottas’ performance.. thank you
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