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  1. PineappleBuster

    Ai is draining less ERS than me.

    It has been implemented in F1 2018 and didn't change this year, you do need to manage it more this year. They're just as fast in straights, they just brake earlier and accelerate later. It feels much slower because of it. AI Difficulty changes driver performance but not car performance.
  2. PineappleBuster

    Ai is draining less ERS than me.

    There are 3 factors that I've not seen written down; 1. Did leclerc use ERS the whole straight? 2. AI use braking more efficient causing them to gain more ERS. Braking less hard but longer fills up ERS more than the other way around. Changing your race style and qually style improves it. 3. ERS is less efficient below 10% Below 10% is less ERS usage and less power gain. The only way to know if the data on the steering wheel are inaccurate is by watching the replay of said driver from start to finish(AI always starts in hotlap mode)
  3. PineappleBuster

    Fix/Adjust these things.(PS4)

    I've been playing F1 2019 quite a while now and really enjoy it. It's the best F1 game of codies so far. But there are a few things that really frustrate me. 1. Pit release doesn't always respond when releaaing the clutch. A lot of times you need to wait 0.2s longer for it to respond otherwise you'll need to release the clutch again. I've been recording clips and looking at replays if it's not me being impatience, that's not the case. Flashback is not a option as it leads to the next issue. 2. Using flashback past the pit entry will grant you a 5 second time penalty. I don't know if this is intentional, so I'd like to have a answer to this one. 3. (SP)AI will ignore your position at corner sequences. For example; Paul Ricard T4 into T5. If you manage to get next to someone around the outside of T4, they'll follow the racing line, regardless how much you are ahead. Same for all other similair corners. For multiplayer it's normal and I'm used to that, but during singleplayer modes not.