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  1. Why no one look and taking action on DLC problems? Why nobody take this problem to Codemasters developers for almost 1 year?
  2. Update: No it does not solve any damn thing. Still no dlc locations and no dlc cars in My Team on my Primary account. Dlc content just shows in Time Trial. But not shows up in My Team. I tended to purchase S3 and S4 but because of Codemaster's stupid problem I will not buy it. I can't believe they don't give a **** about this. Well I don't give a **** too, if they decide not to solve this garbage.
  3. My problem solved after latest update. Finally! Almost a year later. But thanks anyway.
  4. No, it is just a fooling. Region difference is not related to this bug. If you purchase for example UK version of DR2 and DLCs and set that PS4 as Primary, then try to play in another UK account, you still won't be able to play DLCs on that account.
  5. I still have this problem. My DLC contents work on Free play mode but in Career I can't access Sweden or Monte carlo or any other DLC content. And there is no D+ icon next to my ID. And I cannot access Community events that need DLC content. It says Missing entitlement. I play Primary PS4. I purchased the game on another account and set it as primary. I did deactivate and reactivate the account. I did restoring licenses on the account which I purchased the game and season pass. Still no luck. My Primary account's PSN ID is TugayTR and region is USA. The account nam
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